Saturday, April 27, 2013

The boy turned 9!

We went vintage Womens Weekly Birthday Cake this time round....
...The Football Cake!

Does everyone else do the present unwrapping on their parents bed?  We snuck the bike in behind him while he was unwrapping another exciting gift - socks and jocks!

The Dimples!

We went to Bounce in Glen Iris.   It's basically a massive warehouse full of trampolines! I quite possibly might have had a bounce or three myself.

We also dealt with a massive green eyed monster today.  Poor Isaac - every gift Oscar got was all of a sudden the only thing he ever wanted in his entire life!  It was all very melodramatic!

I learnt a big lesson myself today too.
Never kiss a 9 year old boy in front of his mates.  Not even if you are the closest girl when the knife hits the bottom of the cake!

Happy Birthday Oscar!  We love you very much!


  1. Love a bit of vintage women's weekly! Such fond memories. They'll never go out of style! Green eyed monster - classic! As was the birthday kiss - they're never too old for kisses ;)

  2. Oh how utterly cool! Love it all lady! The cake is a triumph (such a great choice), the trampoline party sounds unreal... and how brave are you getting on for a jump jump, that whole motion scares the life out of me these days! And that kiss, awesome how you got all those frames together like that, too funny. Happy Birthday to your stunningly handsome boy xo

  3. Poor Isaac. Tough lessons but necessary. Cake looked great!

  4. Love the cake. You can't beat the WW for classic!

  5. Fun!! So glad to see you join in, I wouldn't have been able to stop myself. Poor little Isaac, it's always hard..x

  6. Keep kissing him forever!! Love it :)


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