Sunday, March 24, 2013

The one where I look like an orange blob, but an orange blob who can run 5.5km!

Yay!  I did it!  I loved it!  I found a great parking spot!  I did a poo before I left!  

So the sun wasn't out yet when we arrived!  I am notoriously early for EVERYTHING!  It keeps me calm.  And it meant that we got an easy peasy car park which was my biggest worry.

This is right before the run.  I am clearly the orange blob in the middle.  My personal trainer Leanne is the lady with the blue number and I credit her with the fact that I was able to run at all!  She runs Swift Fitness if you are interested.

My friend Vanessa and I with our nervous grins at the start line...

...and thumbs up at the finish line!

According to my Runkeeper I actually ran 5.77km in 30 minutes and 30 seconds.  We don't receive our official time till Tuesday in the paper but I think this is a personal best for me.  It was super crowded for most of the course so there was loads of ducking and weaving to get past people.

This is Miss Jane, my own personal papparazzi for the day! Janey and I lived together at Uni and just happened to be in town for the weekend so was able to come and cheer me along.

A quick post run breakfast in very busy Degraves Lane with my brother and his lovely wife where I completely grossed them out by discussing the whole issue of pooing in the morning.

And my charming son took this picture of me this afternoon, mid nanna nap.  An early morning, feelings of anxiousness about parking, then the actual running all resulted in me collapsing on the couch this afternoon. 
I must say I may be a little addicted to this whole fun run concept.  There was such a lovely 'vibe' around this morning and you simply can't beat running down the home stretch to the finish line with bunches of people cheering everyone on!  I'm thinking the Mother's Day Classic might be next!  Then maybe RunMelbourne!  Who's with me?!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The one about poos and parking...

So tomorrow I am doing the Run for the Kids.  The short family friendly version of 5.5km.  With about 35,000 other people apparantly.  I had every intention of catching a train in but since the first train into Flinders Street Station arrives at 7.47am and the race starts at 8.10, I now have to drive.  And find a parking spot.  With 35,000 other people.  Did I mention the ironman event also on tomorrow?  And the road closures?  And the fact that I never drive into the city so have no concept of parking?  As a consequence I plan on leaving super early to give myself plenty of time to find a spot and walk to where the race is on.  Which throws me into a bind.  What if my morning poo is not ready when I am ready?!  Throw in a nervous tummy (where will I park? how long will it take me to walk from my park? how much will that parking space cost? what if i can't find a park? what if I'm late and completely miss the race?) and an aversion to any kind of public toilet and we have a situation!
Eeek!  Tell me where to park?! 
Do you know any secret city spots that 35,000 other people wont know about? 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In absentia....

Olivia the Pig fabric made into a sweet wee girly skirt.

Progress on my ripplealong rug started with a whole bunch of people over at One Crafty Mumma.

To much running equals plantar fasciitis.  Whoops.  Still running in Run for the Kids though in two weeks time.  I'm embracing the pain!  (And strapping it and having some proper treatment just to be on the safe side!)

My completed quilt top from the scrappy quilt along that was doing the rounds on instagram.  Just got to teach myself what to do next!!!

Some crochet blankety progress.  It needs to be bigger!

I have not been here.  I have been everywhere else instead.  Mostly working (relief teaching) and lots of running with a little bit of parenting thrown in for good measure.  And some craft. 
So while I may not have been physically here I am actually still here.  Reading all my favourite bloggy things, wasting time on Pinterest, instagramming till the cows come home.  Basically as much procrastination as you can possibly imagine.
I would looooove to have a big clean up here.  Getting a real person to show me how to pretty this place up.  Use an actual camera for photos instead of repeated instragram ones.  Commit to blogging more regularly.  It takes time though, and that's just not on my side at the moment. 
I say thank goodness too that this revolting Melbourne hot spell appears to be coming to an end tomorrow as well.  Can everyone give me a halla-bloody-lujah!?