Sunday, September 30, 2012

A work in progress

I had a dream....
(don't mind my shoes!)
I think my dream got to big.
He is currently just shy of the width of our king size bed.
I still have 164 squares to do and join. 
The ends to sew in
An edge to do.
Each square is taking me about 16 minutes.
16 x 164 = 2624
2624 divided by 60 minutes = 44 hours (rounded up)
That's 44 hours of work peeps to just get the squares done.
Before the 26th of October.  Isaac's birthday.
I had a dream...
And am now having a nightmare!
(but, my word, how cute is Mario going to be!!!!)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My creative space... on instagram

I am lionessroar on instagram.
You're quite welcome to follow me. 
Leave your instagram name in the comments so I can stalk you too!
crochet at the indoor skate ramp...
crochet at the playground...
crochet on the couch (the mario blanket is back after my backordered wool finally arrived!)...
crocheting with Daniel Day Lewis (!!!)...
crocheting with mini m&ms...
crocheting with children asleep on the couch after a screaming night terror...
and some Angry Bird cake baking for good measure! (This is my second attempt at an Angry Bird cake after a friends grandson saw the first one and wanted one for himself.)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My creative space...

I made a skirt today.  Came home after netball, realised my triathlon/bike riding obsessed niece is turning 12 next week and whipped this up.
I believe this is a Birch fabric, one of a bundle of lovely fabrics I grabbed at Gail B's this week.
I've followed the simple skirt pattern but made it nice and full by using two full widths of the fabric so that there are lots of pleats.  I also added some red ric rac to the bottom and one of Mollie Makes' 'handmade with love' labels that I got for free off the front of the magazine a month or so ago.
Hope she like's it!

Monday, September 17, 2012

My creative absence.

I've come to the conclusion that one cannot be creative and be anything else at the same time.  Anything else being... parenting, working nights and weekends, having a husband working 14 hour days, washing, cleaning, being elected as the new Kinder President after a massive slanging match between other committee members!
Everytime I sit down to crochet, guilt sets in.  I should be folding the mountain of laundry, cleaning the kitchen, washing the floor, reading one of the eleventy billion unpleasant kinder emails that now land in my inbox.
I hit the pause button on everything over the weekend.  Didn't have to work, ignored the emails and the laundry and forced myself to make something, just because.
A lovely Hello Birdy Pillow, with a very untidy bum closure since my hand sewing is quite simply appalling!  She's pretty cute and simple to make... and of course, I just had to give her babushka wings!
I also managed to add some more rows to the Rainbow Rug.  She's getting super pretty (and heavy).  This is Lucy's granny stripe pattern from Attic 24.  It is easy to do and just 'flows' off your hook - rows of trebles, no chains in between so it is quite dense.  Great tv craft!
Joy of all joys, today my girlfriend took Matilda after Ballet so I could make a solo excursion to Patchwork with Gail B.  I had birthday gift vouchers burning holes in my pocket! 
Top to bottom: turquoise chevron pattern, very boy coloured bunting pattern, red babushkas on soft grey background, teacups on peachy pink, gorgeous red bikes with a turquoise bike here and there, vintage looking dollies in cream and pink.  And I was being very restrained.  Now I like to just sit and look at it while project inspiration hits!
The rest of my afternoon will now be taken up 'creatively' writing the monthly president's report for kinder... and 'creatively' hiding vegetables in pasta meat sauce!
Have a good week. x

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Living in the 80's

Do you know that you can watch entire movies on YouTube???
I'm shocked!  Surely it can't be legal!
Last night I started my green row on the Rainbow Rug and vegged out in front of the laptop.
 On the movie menu was...
Classic movies of my teenage years.  And seriously, just look at that baby faced Patrick Dempsey!
Next in line...
What movie would you search for???