Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Handmade gift giving.... Crochet Placemats

Who doesn't love a good sniff around the Purl Bee blog!?  It's always full of crafty tutorials and inspiration!
I've been attracted to the pattern they shared on crochet placemats and thought they would be perfect for my friends upcoming birthday.

To give you an idea of size I've included my lovely Rob Ryan plates in each image!

I've used a cotton blend for mine so they should be easy to wash and care for.  They were simple to whip up as well and when I shared them on instagram someone said that the pattern they created looked a little like a magic eye image!  I'll definitely make these again but in future I might stick with one colour for the border.  While the bright colours I've used here look great individually, I'm not sure they work well together, and I really like the subtle look of the yellows used in the original pattern. Hope my friend still likes them!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Better late than never....

Oscar - pre 50m butterfly, calm and relaxed and just happy to be getting the morning off school.

Isaac - just casually walking into school in his homemade minecraft mask.... because why not?!

Matilda - getting comfy on the bookshop floor.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Oscar - clearly iPhone images cannot capture the delight that are the freckles which dance across your nose!

Matilda - who knew that school would give me the opportunity to display my hidden talents as a hairdresser... this was my poor attempt at a love heart braid for Valentine's Day!

Isaac - obsessed.  Completely and utterly.  Minecraft and Terraria have provided this child with a vocab I simply cannot participate in!

I don't know how on earth I will manage to keep up this picture taking each week!  Once the kids are all at school, opportunities for a secret snap disappear.  And I'm embarrassed still that the iphone is my camera of choice! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Oscar - Sunburnt and squinty but clearly a winner at the swimming trials! 

Isaac - I have been in love with your beautiful lips and eyelashes since birth.

Matilda - such a big girl now at school during computer class (mummy was on parent help!)  You could not meet a girl who loves school more!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

5/52 ~ A new Preppie!

Matilda - experiencing one of life's big moments this week with the first day of school!  She loved it!  And so did I....

Three kids at school for mummy! Yay!

 Oscar and Isaac - started back the day before Matilda with Grade 4 and Grade 2!

Such spunks!