Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I made a dress... for a grown up!!!

I signed up with Miss Curlypops Lisette dress sew-a-along yesterday!  Today, the dress is made!  How quick was that?!

Now, my pictures aren't great unfortunately - I only had a 7 year old and an iphone on hand. 
I chose the same fabric from the pattern image cause I thought it was super pretty. 

Here's the dress without the tie.  I actually haven't made up the tie and don't think I will.  I like the pattern in the material broken up by the brown belt below.

I made up a size 14 straight off the pattern without measuring any of me!  Risky, yes?  It seems to have worked out ok though.  I can get it on and off without any difficulty and I think the looseness means I can layer things underneath during winter.  I have read a couple of other blogs where people have said the arm hole is a bit baggy and I would tend to agree but I don't have enough technical sewing know how to adjust it.  I also think a sweet cardy might solve this (small) problem anyway since we are coming into autumn.

Does the belt need to be wider praps?

I also REALLY liked the addition of pockets on Curlypop's dress too, and considering my sewing skills are pretty basic I think I might borrow them from the pattern I found in this book from the library....

And of course I had to include this one - Oscar's photography director skills in action!

Would I make it again?  Yep!  Once I'd cut the pattern out it all came together quite quickly.  Nothing like instant gratification!  Plus I had a little visit to the Sew Lisette flickr group and saw some other dresses in really beautiful fabric.  I also pranced about the house this evening in it beltless and quite liked the look of the way it hung.  Not too much billowing of fabric where one might be mistaken for being preggers!

Thanks to Cam for the inspiration! 


  1. It's wonderful!!!! i just saw your comment on Instagram and came to have a sneak peek if it was on the blog and here you are in all your gorgeousness and your new dress!!! whooo hoo to you! I chose the same dress so now can't wait to get started!!! I'll keep a mental note about the arm hole issue, and totes agree that a dress with pockets is what every mumma needs! As for the belt, I think you look great with with a bit of brown breaking it up! have a blissful week dancing in your new dress!

  2. FABULOUS! it looks great on you! and the colour, beautiful!
    should definitely pass the school mum muster! just make sure you let them all know you made it yourself ;)

  3. oh, your dress is gorgeous and you look beautiful in it!!! i really like that fabric and can't wait to make mine from it! i like your alternate belt... after wearing my practice dress for a day i decided it would probably be nicer with a different belt. and i'm sure you will be clever enough soon to adjust your patterns too, all you need is practice :)

  4. Oh that is TOTALLY gorgeous lady! You look stunning! What a great job you did, you clever thing, running that up in a day. I think the belt works perfectly... and the 7 year old photographer did a top job too xo

  5. Gorgeous! Love it! I totally need to make one in red.
    I really like a contrasting belt to break up the pattern and give a nice waist definition.
    Thanks so much for joining in!

  6. I like it just the way it is. x

  7. Lovely! I think the contrasting belt works great. I like your choice of fabric. This is a pretty versatile dress I think.

  8. A gorgeous little dress and I love the fabric too :)

  9. oh wow, im not a great sew-er either so steered away from this sew-a-long, but it seems every one has made stunning results. it looks gorgeous & i love your colour choice :) i might just have to give it a go after all!!

  10. wow! I would love to make a grown up dress. Yours looks great! well done!

  11. I love it with the belt!

    I know what you mean about prancing about the house in it unbelted after you made it- I did that too! Its a good sign!

  12. That's lovely. I have the same fabric for the sewalong too!

  13. ooh the Red is my favourite fabric from that range.
    Love your new dress.

  14. Love it! You must start hiring out that photographer of yours!


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