Friday, June 29, 2012

Fifty Shade of Hilarious!!!

Surely you've read the books?  I did.  And almost wet myself laughing through most of them!

You NEED to watch this ...

And read this...

7 weeks of grateful and then what....

I am not sure what happened to my good intentions of blogging 52 weeks of grateful.  I made it week 7 then.... disappeared!
I ended up working Thursday and Friday nights and mostly Saturdays and Sundays and so would be out of the loop for a few days and not organised enough to plan ahead.  I felt annoyed and cross with myself and then more annoyed and cross as I watched other grateful people fall by the weyside too.  It's such a simple thing to look around ourselves, to refocus and see the things that really make us happy, so I am climbing back on the wagon just in time for a Grateful Reunion!
Head on over to Maxabella loves and look at her most impressive grateful list!  And her impressive giveaway celebrating gratitude!
This week I am grateful for:
Motivating Personal Trainers:  I started going to one at the start of the year and am a total convert to having someone yelling at me to get results.  I still wax and wane with my own motivation but have consistently kept going regardless of how unbothered I can be at times.  She takes on small groups of 3 or 4 or 5 and has been fabulous in showing you how to use your own neighbourhood to get fit and healthy.  After dilly dallying yesterday morning with a major case of the "can't be fucked's" I rocked up to discover I was the only one who had shown up!  Instead of having her focus on a small group (where I can sometimes get away with not doing my best - hilarious in itself when you think about it!!!) it was all about pushing me and moving me as far and as hard as possible!  A warm up run around the big neighbourhood block, 5x100metre sprints with a light jog in between, a boxing routine (where I realise how totally uncoordinated I am), some light (!!!) core work on my abs and then a helpful stretch.  Buggered... well and truly.  Feeling good... you bet!

Kitchen and Laundry tiles:  Because a surprise projectile vomit on to the carpet wouldn't have been half as easy to clean up!  Nor the dog poo that was left for me to deal with after someone bought the dog in for the night and then forgot to lay out the newspaper!
(why yes, I am leaving you with a picture of dog poop... and the guilty party sitting at the door waiting for his breakfast!)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I spy... a Granny Square Cardy!

I knew I spied some Granny Square love on Winners and Losers the other night!

Loved, loved, loved Bec's Granny Square cardy!  Perfect fashion wear for an ultrasound with your husband, the baby daddy and the baby daddy's girlfriend!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sad Sundays

You know those days when you wake up in the morning and you're already in a poop of a mood? 

That was me today.

It starts with a late night, over indulging on garlic bread which you wake up still tasting and then finding your three your olds little head sharing your pillow while you lay curled on your side on the edge of your bed, any sudden movement leaving you on the carpet at your bedside.

Your mood worsens as you end up standing in the freezing cold wind for over an hour watching U8's football.  Instead of being involved in the game in any way, shape or form, your child is the one who spends the entire game jumping in mud, playing with his socks and taking his mouthguard in and out, eleventy billion times!  Let's not forget the other two charming small people attached to your legs also bemoaning the freezing cold wind, their boredom and the lack of worthwhile food items.

Frankly I felt worse because it must have been Peppy Parent Day today as every other parent seemed so happy and proud of their poppets, cheering and clapping at every touch of the ball while all I wanted to do was screech across the football oval to leave his fucking socks alone, stay out of the goddamn mud and at least pretend to be interested in the bloody game!!!!

Kinder maintenance this afternoon had in no way improved my mood.  Taking cold grumpy children and a jumpy puppy to pre school to help sweep and clean was a wild mistake.  Their enthusiasm for raking waned after five minutes, poor Milo freaked the other families' little boy out and again there was a lack of worthwhile food items!  I find it hilarious that out of six families rostered on for the weekend only two managed to show up. 

My Sad (whingy whiney) Sunday is now being Vastly Improved by this large and delicious pepperminty Haighs chocolate frog, a wee bit more random granny joining and for my viewing pleasure The Mentalist and Castle.  For the ad breaks I have the sweet new Mollie Makes magazine at my side!  All the grouchy tired people are in bed, including the husband (who's snoring I can hear from the other end of the house!) so the best bit is I don't have to bloody share with anyone!!!!

First world problems really are so easily solved!
Have you had a Sad Sunday or have you had a Super Sunday?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My creative space...

I'm done with my hottie bottie cover!

 I think I'm done anyway!  You might notice that I haven't joined the bottom of the cover up so that it can be removd for easy cleaning and what not.  I did crochet around the bottom two corners to the first space which seems to be working to hold it closed firmly enough although next time I might go to the next space just for a wee bit more security.  I have seen these on pinterest where the bottoms are buttoned up but that won't work in this case because the hot water bottle has that flappy bit of rubber in an odd shape that the buttons wouldn't stretch over and to get around it I would have to add some grannies down there in an unusual fashion.  Or make the back and front bigger!

I created the neck before I joined the front and back together.  Just kinda trebled up in a circle till it was the same height.  Praps it needs some ribbon to bring the neck in a wee bit and pretty it up some more.

I do love it - love the colours and the wooly warmth of it and those granny squares get me every time.  BUT - I'm not loving how I've joined the grannies together.  I think I would rather a smoother finish so next time I will either go for that whole seam free joining method I've seen around the traps or granny treble them together as I make them like I do with my blankets and cushion covers.

On another yarny note...

I'm attempting to teach myself to knit!

I can cast on, knit and cast off but that whole purl situation is making me CRAZY!  I will be taking it to netball with me so that one of knitty type friends can show me how to get my head around it!  Thanks must go to Sally for the knitting inspiration!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The one with the f word...

"Dear Mrs Strachan.  I am sorry for using yukky words and for telling lies.  From Isaac"

Last week I made Isaac - who is 5!!!- write this letter to his teacher.  She had tapped me on the shoulder after school with some tales from Isaac's day.  Apparently the 'f' word had escaped his mouth during story writing time.  Hilariously she was impressed that he'd used it in context as he was cross with himself for making a mistake!  His story goes that he wasn't saying f@*k but was saying 'facuum' and that Lauren (the dobber!) had misheard him because the words had the same sounds in them.  When suggested that vacuum starts with a v not an f he ever so nicely pointed out his mild speech impediment which means he sometimes pronounced sounds different! 

The lying was not about denying the use of the f word either.  He'd also shared a story about our recent trip to Queensland where he got to go to Movie World and meet Buzz Lightyear.  Which would be fine if we actually went to Movie World and met Buzz Lightyear... which we didn't.  I was impressed he was able to conjure up so many details about the trip and should probably pen a thank you to the Queensland Tourist Board for placing such extensive advertising on the cartoon channel!

I don't need to look far to see where he's learnt such language as it's quite possible that it may have slipped out of my mouth from time to time - hard to believe from a lady such as myself I know! 

Some days need a good 'fuck' dropped into them though, don't you agree!? 
Just praps not around the small people anymore!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I may be turning into a 'dog' person

Remember this cute little thing we got back in March...
...a sweet little chocolate lab we called Milo.

It occured to me as I was flicking through the Sunday papers this morning, I was more enamoured with the puppy dog page than the new babies page I normally get enthralled in.  Where once I used to check the sweet baby faces, laugh a little at the names these poor peeps will grow up with and struggle to find one that came in weighing more than Isaac, I now look at the puppy dogs and make ridiculous cutesie noises over them instead!

Our 'puppy' has turned into a bouncy, jumping almost 6 month old!
He loooooves Oscar! Is dreadful to walk anywhere because he is just So Excited All Of The Time! And still hardly makes a peep.  From day one he has slept in our laundry overnight with a child safety gate up and has never made a single noise (or attempted to jump over said gate and make himself comfortable anywhere else in the house!) over night.  He's also stopped pooing and weeing in there and kindly waits till we let him out in the morning to do his business.  Really his only naughty behaviour is chewing up every bed we give him!  Lucky they only cost a few dollars at K-mart!

The Rub My Tummy Pose!

Floppy doy ears gets me every time!

He either chews through the zip or rips the corners off to get to the stuffing.... which is then spread far and wide around the backyard!

Which page do you look at first - puppies or poppets???

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The one that might be a little bit true!

I found this on a friend's Facebook page & had to share! I'm not sure of its original source, sorry!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Babukatorium's Beautiful Crochet

I saw an image of the most beautiful crochet umbrella in a friend's american crochet magazine today.  A quick search on google led me to an amazing woman's crochet.  She has a pinterest page, facebook page and a flickr page where you can see some of her gorgeous work.  There does seem to be a love of wearable colourful crochet mixed in there which often isn't my cup of tea, but you can see the incredible amount of work she puts into it.

Source: via Babuka on Pinterest

Source: via Babuka on Pinterest
Source: via Sonia on Pinterest
Source: via Babuka on Pinterest

Go have a looksie for yourself and feel the 'rainbow' love!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

When the going gets tough...

...the tough wag school and go to the zoo!

We have had two weeks of DAILY school swimming!  TWO WEEKS PEOPLE!  Plus normal after school swimming and life in general.  We were not coping.  Moodiness, crying every night all night, tiredness and oh, the scent of chlorine attached to everything!

To make matters worse, after our nightly screaming shower session on Wednesday I was combing out Isaac's hair and horror of all absolute horrors.... Fucking Head Lice!  Which he then shared with Matilda and Oscar.  Those fuckers (the lice that is not the small people... although they too drive me batty!) have literally driven me crazy.  CRAZY!  My poor sister in law was here with her two little people as well and so we have been ultra paranoid about stopping the invasion from head to head.

So, to the zoo we did go...

Elephants really are amazing animals!

All our cute kids... caught looking at the camera AT THE SAME TIME!  Amazing!

Me and my sister in law... and an elephant.  He's the one in the background not the one with the rainbow scarf!

How could I not take photo's of lions??!!!

They are so handsome.

We also found this pride of scary lions too!

The great big orangutan came and sat right at our feet and played peek a boo with the baby.  Sooooo cute!

And this handsome lad decided to give his sweet cousin a ride.  Love his dimples!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Things that are making me smile today...


Source: via Tania on Pinterest

Crochet hot water bottle covers... 

Source: via Sonia on Pinterest

This girl... who eats her sandwiches with a spoon!

And then has a midday nanna nap allowing me Time to Myself!

Funny posts by funny ladies...

Happy Wednesday.