Sunday, October 30, 2011

THE Lego Party!

Isaac's incredible Lego party was held on Saturday - and I must say it was one of the best parties I've done.  I was frightened about having 18 small people in my house on a day that was forecast rain, but in the end, the sun shone, the smalls were beautifully behaved and more importantly Isaac had a really nice time. 

Here's a little rundown of the party. 
Prepare yourself for photo overload!

Party guest were welcomed by our balloon wreath on the front door.  Inspiration from Pinterest of course!  And an easy to follow tutorial is this way.

The birthday boy with his baby sister in their lego man t-shirts made by me.  I bought cheap plain t-shirts from Big W, Target and Best and Less (all on sale) for these.  Each party goer got one in their party bag.  They were a little bit of work tracing, cutting, ironing on and sewing! But totes cute, yes???  I used this lego man as the template.
The gorgeous threesome - or should I say foursome if we include Miss M's teddy getting a showing!  (incidentally this teddy belonged to daddy when he was a baby so he's looking good for being over 40 years old.  matilda is obsessed with him.)

The Cake!  His legs are a little wonky but he is such a sweetie - yes?  For this I used the same template as the t-shirt lego man just enlarged a wee bit.  I baked a big slab cake then cut him out of that.  I have iced him with coloured buttercream icing and then iced the top of the cake with what I like to call 'playdough' icing (cant think of it's real name at all!!!)  Available from the top shelf of the cake aisle in the supermarket it's just like playdough!  It dyes easily too.

And no - the cake wasn't as heavy as Isaac is making it look!
Because Isaac's actual birthday cake turned out small I made these lego cupcakes as a back up.  Each small person ended up taking one home with them because I'd already 'sugared' them out by the time we got to cake!  The cupcake toppers are just lego stickers from the Lego City Sticker book (available from Target, Big W) stuck on cutout circles, laminated with a lolly pop stick on the back.
For the kids party table I was able to borrow some tables and chairs from Isaac's kinder (there has to be some benefit from being on the committee for the last four years!).  We stuck with yellow, red, blue and green for a colour theme and carried that through the tablecloth, plates, napkins and balloons.
The husband making an appearance on 'le blog' along with my tuckshop arm!!!!
I swear and declare I will never be making gingerbread men again!  Toooooo much hard work!  My lovely friend ended up icing them for me because I was totally over looking at them once I'd baked them!  Cookie cutter came from ebay a wee while ago.  It also included a lego lady which Isaac wouldn't let me use.
I simply could not go past the lego man bunting!  They inspired a number of different things for the party!  Super cute and totally FREEEEEE pattern ready for printing!

Clearly my boys already have waaaaay toooo much lego!  I poured it all out onto a bed sheet and when the party guests arrived they got to sit around build at their leisure.  Easiest and best activity ever.  They kept coming back to this over and over again which was totally fine by me!

Another party game we loved was the Lego Spoon Race - just like the egg and spoon race but with lego!  I was lucky enough to steal some very useful and helpful teenagers to assist in party game co-ordination and I highly recommend this as a way to stay sane!!!
Some of our gorgeous girly party guests trying to scoop out some lego with their spoons.

I have used the FREE Lego printable men here for Pin the Lego Label on the Lego men.  Officeworks was my best friend during the course of party planning for all my printing and enlarging needs!!!  Poor Isaac - the label is supposed to go on his t-shirt buddy, not his head!

Have houseguests, make them work for their beds!!!  This is my mum and MIL serving up lunch production line style in my too-tiny-for-a-five-member-family kitchen!  I kept it simple with chips, nuggets and little boys with some fairy bread thrown in for good measure!

You cant really see very well here but I also made Lego Water.  I just peeled off the water labels replaced them with coloured paper then sealed it with a lego sticker from the Lego book I mentioned earlier.
After all that food, everyone needs a run around in the sunshine!  I had my helpful teenagers hide bunches of these cut out coloured lego men around my garden for Lego Search and Rescue.  I used the same template here as the t-shirts and the cake.  And yes, I did end up with a blister from cutting out 50 of these men!!!  The kids just ran around the garden collecting as many as they could.  Game wise, it didn't last for long but the kids loved it anyway.
I spy a blue man!
Now I had been reliably informed that little boys don't normally like to sit and colour, but I had kept them pretty busy up to this point so they were happy to sit for a while and design their own lego men on the one's they found during Lego Search and Rescue.
  Our last party game was Lego Bingo which I initially worried they would be bored with but they all loved it.  I had them work in pairs cause I didn't have enough boards to go around everyone but this worked out well in the end as some of the older party guests helped the younger ones.  Again, this was a totally free printable I found! 
We pretty much did birthday cake after this and a mad run around outside before I sent them all home with their party bags.  I may have splurged a little bit on those and sneakily added in a lego minifigure into each one after I found them on special at the toy shop (don't tell my husband!!!) and in the end a party bag is not a party bag without some kind of lolly so a small box of smarties may have been slipped in as well!!!
What do you think? 

In all seriousness this was one of the best parties I have had and definately the best party I have had at home!  I think the secret is being super prepared and organised.  Steal some reliable teenagers to help play with the small people and pop some useful grown ups in the kitchen so you can be the busy party person without worrying about the hot food.  Close all the doors to the rooms you dont want small people in and put away or hide toys that you dont want them to play with!

You can find more lego party inspiration on my Pinterest board.

Hope I didn't bore you toooooo much with my Lego Party Love!


  1. Oh it looked like a mountain of fun! Well done you Mama, for putting together such a cool, unique party. Love the T=shirts, what a great idea. Cake is also amazing and the cupcake toppers are such a simple, but clever idea.
    So glad it all went off well and the rain stayed away :o)
    Now you will have to think up something to top that one for next year ;o) xo

  2. It's fantastic!!! No boredom here!! Free printables are the BEST aren't they?!!! You've done a fantastic job - so much effort! Love the cake and the bright colors! It looks like so much fun!

  3. What a great party, you did such a brilliant job on all the lego themed goodies, I love the idea of everyone getting a t=shirt I might steal that for the next kiddies party I have to do. The lego man cake looked fantastic. xx

  4. THis looks like it was fantastic! You have some amazingly unique ideas :) I think you are completely right that the key is planning and organising, although teenagers and house guests would definitely come in handy too!

  5. I think my comment got eaten... but it was something along the lines of:

    Awesome, Awesome party! Now how are you going to top it next year?? :-P

  6. Wow! This would be my lego obsessed 7 years olds party dream. Great work.

  7. I will be copying soooo many of these ideas! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I will copying many of these ideas! Thank you for so much terrific inspiration!


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