Monday, November 26, 2012

Proud Parenting Moments #763

So, the boy's school gives out Student of the Month awards at assembly.  Not everyone gets one.  I've known parents who've had smalls at the school who have never recieved one.  Frankly, I find them a little annoying.  You have good kids who happily plod along getting good results, behaving themselves, playing nicely who never get an award.  Then you get the child who just about murders someone on a daily basis in the playground but one day, for five minutes, actually does what they are told and get awarded for it!  (Excuse my rant!)
Late last week we got the call asking that we might be needed at Monday morning's assembly as someone was getting the big call out!  I did ask Isaac's teacher whether he might be getting one for good spelling during his graffiti stint, but apparently no.

 Trying his best at all times and being a nice friend to his classmates.
(such a spunky boy!)
And of course, there is no way Isaac could have been a sensible child who calmly walks out to the principal in front of the entire school to recieve his award.  Of course not. 

Clearly, I have a class clown in the making!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The thumb stroke

For as long as I can remember Matilda has done this thing where she seeks out one of my fingers, preferably the one with the raggediest nail edge, to maniacally stroke.
 It soothes and calms her, especially in the middle of the night when she joins us in our bed. If I have my back to her and don't give her my hand she sobs like I've hurt her feelings.  On insane, sleepless nights when she has tossed and turned unable to sleep for a variety of reasons, I have let her flick and scratch at my nail till the skin around it has bled. 
Parents will do anything for sleep.
 Her preference has mostly been the thumb.

(the thumb stroke in action today before swimming lessons... )
No-one else's thumb nail can do the trick.  It must be mine.  As insane as it can (often!) drive me, it makes my heart feel warm and aglow.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Proud parenting moments #485

We rarely see our neighbour so when she knocked on the door this afternoon I knew there must have been a problem...
oscar isaac sista dad mum
and a police car apparently
All clearly written in permanent texta on a fence that is not ours!
Clearly they had to clean up their own handywork!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Pudding Day

I declared today Christmas Pudding Day. 
Normally Christmas Pudding Day occurs when my lovely sister is in town since it really is a two person job to hold the calico full of yummy puddingy mix whilst tying it up with string!  Since she couldn't just flit over on a whim from Tassie, I had to do it myself!
Really, why bother cleaning up the breakfast dishes before you start!  Just dive right in and make some more mess. 
My fruit has been soaking in kahlua for about a week or so already.  I dumped all my dry ingredients into the soaked fruity mixture... which of course included a healthy bag or so of choc chips, mixed it all up and came up with this mess....
...dollop it all out on to a pudding cloth...
...mine has a Christmas pud recipe on it but I follow a different recipe.  I purchased a few of these a couple of years ago from Spotlight but this is the lucky last one.  I soaked this in my big pot of boiling water before I put the pudding into the centre of it so it was sanitized before use.  I also dust the cloth lightly with plain flour so the pudding won't stick to it.
Tie your string around the the calico nice and tight, getting rid of us much air as possible.  This is where a second set of hands comes in useful as one person can hold up the pud, pulling the cloth nice and tight and the second person can tie the string around and around!
Whack a saucer into the bottom of your saucepan of boiling water.  You will hear the constant tingle of that plate and know that you are not burning the bottom of your pudding and that the water is happily boiling away constantly cooking your lovely pud.

Make sure you tie the excess fabric and string around the handle of your pot so you don't set your kitchen alight with the gas flame from your cooktop!
I boiled that pudding for three hours and will then hang it out on a hook to dry till Christmas Day.  I'll boil it up again on the day for an hour or so and then probably eat too much of it with raspberries, custard, ice-cream and icing sugar!
Don't forget to make your son take ridiculous photos of you holding up your heavy pudding to share with the world!

What can you do for the three hours your pudding is boiling away?!  Certainly not housework!  I used that time to play around with new headers for the blog, mucked around with the widths and basically stuffed things up, then spent about the same amount of time googling ways to fix it!  Whoops!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My creative space...

I had quite a skirty weekend!  A girlfriend asked me to make these four matchy match skirts for a friend of hers who has just given birth to her fourth baby girl!  Lucky thing!
I'm a big fan of dressing your small people in same same things on occasion!  I know many who are not!  I think while they are little you can get away with soooo much in the dressing department so do it while you can!!!
I must have learnt it from my mother....
In case you can't see very well, those are matching terry toweling t-shirt and short sets!  My mum changed it up a little to allow me a pink set, but still, we match!!!
I grabbed a few plain white t's for her to match them all up, for a nice clean crisp look (which should last approximately 3.5 seconds once you get a white t-shit on a small person!).
For more creative spaces, head on over to Kidspot.  There's always some lovely inspiration to be found!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spinning a yarn!

My lovely friend Penni and her gorgeous yarn shop, The Stash Cupboard in Hobart, featured on the 7.30 report the other night!  Sqeee!  Such a sweet story about a wee film that is being made all about knitting.
Click here for a looksy.

And these are some happy snaps from when I got to visit Miss Penni's lovely shop way back in August on my Hobart weekend.