Monday, November 25, 2013

It's beginning to look a wee bit like Christmas...

I spied some beautiful cards the other day that had doilies sewn into them and felt all inspired to do my own. With Christmas fast approaching and this simple and easy pattern from The Royal Sisters I've ended up with these...


   I've made them in the past as bunting too which I will be doing again this year!
Is anyone else freaking out about Christmas Day being one month from today!!!???
I am literally about to go and get the tree out of the garage so I can do a decoration sort before the tree goes up on December 1st.  Really, it was such poor planning on my part to birth a child in early December as I always feel like my head can't cope with birthday parties and Christmas prep all at once!


  1. They area lovely. Again makes me wish that I could crochet!
    It is difficult to get your head around Christmas when there is a birthday just before. My son's is earlier in November and that is bad enough! so I totally sympathise.
    Anyway you are streets ahead of me!

  2. I find my girl's birthdays in November and January hard enough. December would throw me! My aim for the month is just to try and breathe and hope I can get through the other side unscathed.


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