Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The last day of being 4....

The smallest member of our family turns 5 tomorrow.  Five!  Blink and you miss it.  Seriously!
Who doesn't remember those last final moments before you meet your new person?!

 We were a little jaundiced.

Turning 1 with a babushka party.

Turning 2 with Humpty Dumpty and our obsession with all things Play School!


Turning 4 with an almost life size Peppa Pig cake!

 And here we are, almost being 5....
Stop.  I want to get off now.


  1. Oh my! Time does fly by doesn't it. Wishing you all a very happy celebration.

  2. Happy Birthday Matilda! Such a big girl! I remember those last two cakes! You are the cake queen. Loving the babushka and how on earth do you get a round ball for humpty?! Hope you have a wonderful garden party!

  3. Oh Sonia, Matilda is just adorable! Happy 5th Birthday Matilda! Well done mumma...is she off to school next year...will you be doing your victory dance too...??

  4. happy birthday Matilda! how beautiful is she!!! and all those lovely cakes! oh wow x

  5. What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to your your gorgeous wee girl. Five - it's huge isn't it?


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