Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Taking stock...

my craftroom view

Making : presents! Crochet blankets, slippers, cowls!
Cooking : pancakes for lunch, lasagne and garlic bread for tea.
Drinking : cider, lovely, lovely cider.
Reading: The Book Thief... for the 9th time. 
Wanting: a full body massage that takes all day, then an uninterrupted bath.
Looking: at the mess that is my craft room floor!
Playing: candy crush, the devils game.  Far too addictive.
Deciding: not to allow Nutella into this house anymore, for the good of everyone!!!
Wishing: I wasn't the only one that picked up after myself.
Enjoying: slow mornings.
Waiting: for school to go back - only 8 more sleeps!
Liking: fresh raspberries with everything!
Wondering: why people speak without thinking first.
Loving: clean sheets on the bed.
Pondering: whether to return to full time teaching or no?
Considering: loads of new school lunch box ideas.
Watching: Alias on DVD, realising I still have a girl crush on Jennifer Garner.
Hoping: for a good year at school for my big boy.
Marvelling: at the peace one finds in some early morning exercise.
Needing: to save money if there is any chance at FRANCE in 2015.
Smelling: chlorine on everyone, always.
Wearing: plain bonds t-shirts - my new favourite with everything!
Following: loads of lovely blogs.
Noticing: how tall my big boy is getting!
Knowing: that time goes by too quickly.
Thinking: about signing up to Michelle Bridges 12wbt.
Feeling: sad about some people's not so subtle racist comments.
Admiring: other crafty people and how quickly they can make things!
Sorting: old magazines, books and recipes.
Buying: cutesy labels for school clothes.
Getting: a new iPhone the second this contract expires!
Bookmarking: too many new ideas on Pinterest!
Disliking: nail polish that lasts 3.5 seconds!
Opening: fresh stationary and school supplies.
Giggling: at seven year old boy jokes always about bums and farting!
Feeling: just dandy!


  1. Oh i just lovely! i too wish for a long hot bath (if i had a bath) and a massage. I love clean sheets and can't believe school goes back next week, time really does fly! I wish you the greatest 2014 Sonn! xx

  2. I'm thinking the same thing... but that would probably mean no more pancakes for lunch :(

  3. Ooh a massage, yes please! I've got to read the book thief, my big boy read it last year and loved it, he reads so many more interesting books than me, I can't break away from the nana books..


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