Sunday, December 12, 2010

Point and Shoot: Santa

I know point and shoot is all about a single image... but I couldn't resist with some of my favourites from the weekend.

Isaac sneaking in for a treat from Santa at the Kinder break up party. This was truly the funniest Santa I've ever met! Played by one of the kinder mum's fathers, he truly delved right into the role and the kids all loved him... particularly when he started talking about 'pop offs'! Toilet humour and 4 year olds make such a happy mix.

Me and Matilda - I was trying to get her warmed up to the whole Santa experience as we planned on attempting the real deal at the shops the next day.

So, it's a photo of a photo - worse, an iphone photo of a photo, but Santa turned out successfully in the end... if success means they all sat near him, no one cried and they are all vaguely looking in the direction of the camera. Can you tell Isaac has only just put his tongue back into his mouth?!

And to finish off, a tea party with all our friends. Cute, yes?

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  1. hehehehe thats funny, i'm always getting told off from friends/family for poking out my tounge in photos {just a thing i do}.....and the tea party looks cute thanks for popping in lisa xx
    over from point + shoot

  2. love the Santa pictures - so hard to get kids to feel comfortable around Santa sometimes - you got some good shots so it was worth it!

  3. VERY cute! Our Santa photos are always a disaster so I'm happy that yours has turned out so well! x


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