Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Living in the 80's

Do you know that you can watch entire movies on YouTube???
I'm shocked!  Surely it can't be legal!
Last night I started my green row on the Rainbow Rug and vegged out in front of the laptop.
 On the movie menu was...
Classic movies of my teenage years.  And seriously, just look at that baby faced Patrick Dempsey!
Next in line...
What movie would you search for???


  1. thanks lovely! Just finished reading Jane Eyre and was wanting to see the 2006 series version, but might pop over and watch it on the Tube instead!!! Enjoy your trip down memory lane!!

  2. I didn't realise youtube had the entire movie, I always thought it was just clips. That is pretty cool. I LOVE watching movies and TV shows from my younger years, takes you right back in time. Rainbow rug is looking gooooood lady xo

  3. I did not know you could do that! Classic choices there, I love those old romantic comedies from the eighties. Your rainbow rug is looking so amazing!

  4. Oh I love Can't Buy Me Love what a great flick. I'd forgotten all about it. We have one of those boxee things on our tv so we watch lots of youtube... there is so much weird and interesting stuff out there!

    ... and now I have that beach boys song from Cocktail stuck in my head!

  5. Ooh, i did not know they had whole movie length movies! we watch out tv through the computer all the time and i'm quite sick of the selection on itunes. youtube here we come! i've just been playing a little catch up on your blog. i really have been a bad blogger lately! You got a tattoo - looks awesome - well done!


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