Thursday, September 27, 2012

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crochet at the indoor skate ramp...
crochet at the playground...
crochet on the couch (the mario blanket is back after my backordered wool finally arrived!)...
crocheting with Daniel Day Lewis (!!!)...
crocheting with mini m&ms...
crocheting with children asleep on the couch after a screaming night terror...
and some Angry Bird cake baking for good measure! (This is my second attempt at an Angry Bird cake after a friends grandson saw the first one and wanted one for himself.)


  1. I've been loving your crochet updates on IG, and that cake is so amazing!

  2. That's an amazing looking cake!

  3. Not showing my son that cake! I'm meandmy2guys

  4. All your crochet projects look amazing! Yay to the angry birds cake...I think my brother may well have had that one as a cricket pitch..or maybe a pool? when he was a wee thing. Boo to night terrors! At least she looks snuggly under Mumma's crochet. Hope you have a lovely Friday :)

  5. Oh I love your crochet efforts lady, beautiful... have crochet, will travel... you're taking it to the streets my friend :)
    Clever you with the cake too, I remember that other angry birds cake, no wonder the little fella who saw it wanted one just like it... you could start selling them! xo

  6. My son would love that cake! Thankfully he's had his birthday this year.


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