Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Oscar - clearly iPhone images cannot capture the delight that are the freckles which dance across your nose!

Matilda - who knew that school would give me the opportunity to display my hidden talents as a hairdresser... this was my poor attempt at a love heart braid for Valentine's Day!

Isaac - obsessed.  Completely and utterly.  Minecraft and Terraria have provided this child with a vocab I simply cannot participate in!

I don't know how on earth I will manage to keep up this picture taking each week!  Once the kids are all at school, opportunities for a secret snap disappear.  And I'm embarrassed still that the iphone is my camera of choice! 

1 comment:

  1. I think your cutting the mustard just fine. Keeping it real is the path to true memories.

    With you though on the whole tricky to get a snap while at school! How many pictures of them stuffing their faces in the arvo can one post in a year? Plus side is the project is motivating me to take em out rather than give into their requests for screen time. Can't last though!


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