Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Handmade gift giving.... Crochet Placemats

Who doesn't love a good sniff around the Purl Bee blog!?  It's always full of crafty tutorials and inspiration!
I've been attracted to the pattern they shared on crochet placemats and thought they would be perfect for my friends upcoming birthday.

To give you an idea of size I've included my lovely Rob Ryan plates in each image!

I've used a cotton blend for mine so they should be easy to wash and care for.  They were simple to whip up as well and when I shared them on instagram someone said that the pattern they created looked a little like a magic eye image!  I'll definitely make these again but in future I might stick with one colour for the border.  While the bright colours I've used here look great individually, I'm not sure they work well together, and I really like the subtle look of the yellows used in the original pattern. Hope my friend still likes them!!!


  1. I'm sure your friend will adore them. They're gorgeous!

    Absolutely adore your plates too.


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