Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Saturday I'm grateful for... poles and puppies.

I'm about to spend the coming week as a single parent as my husband is going away for work for several days. I am desperately trying not to stress out about not getting any kind of break for the next five days so spent today marvelling in the joys of little people. So this Saturday, I'm grateful for:
  • the joy that this little boy discovered in being finally able to go down the firemans pole at the playground without any help! Remember that feeling? It was quite the drug for him as he did it over and over again.

  • puppies at pet shop windows! I know some people dont think very nice things about these dear little things spending all this time in wee glass boxes with insane people staring at them and tapping on the window every time they are trying to sleep, but for us, in our pet free home, they are the highlight of our shopping centre trips. And since Matilda had quite the meltdown in our summer shoe buying session today, we all needed a little cheering up!

Feeling grateful about anything in particular? Join in with Maxabella over this way.


  1. I am so not a pet person, but I will spend hours admiring the puppies in the window so my Tsunamis can get their fix. I'm sure the 'humanity' of the pet shop can be questioned, but I'm still sure it beats the streets?

    Happy day, dear LionessLady. x

  2. Is that your goat in the picture? We have a goat too. Aren't they the funnies animals?!! Good luck on your week ahead. Hope it goes well!

    Thanks to maxabella for introducing another great blog. Pop over to bigwords if you get a chance x

  3. My daughter Anya always demand a trip to the pet shops when we're in the city. She loves looking at puppies and "isn't it cute?" is all I can hear. So now, we're getting one. Have a good week!


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