Friday, November 5, 2010

Animation Friday - Granny Squares

gif animation creator

I'm joining in this week with My Poppet's animation Friday! These animated pictures are ever so cute to try and create. I have done one or two previous ones and am getting a bit obsessed with them.
What do you think of my granny squares so far? I'm aiming for it to be for a grown up this time and am really not sure how big it needs to be so I keep spreading them out and then sitting on them to see if they'll cover my legs yet! I think I have ways to go! I'm not sure what colour I should use to crochet them all together either - I was thinking of going with a pale blue. Any thoughts?


  1. I love your granny squares. I can't crochet, but I do admire those who can and I think pale blue would look lovely. xx

  2. Its so fun watching it grow.
    thanks for joining in this week


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