Sunday, November 21, 2010

To market, to market...

I totally rocked this market this morning! I ran out of money, the ATM ran out of money! I cant even show you pictures as most of what I bought are headed under the Christmas tree. I was lucky enough to go ON MY OWN! That's right - no kids! I even packed a smaller handbag to take - you know, one that isn't so laden with small people paraphanalia that when hanging from your shoulder it presses your bra strap so hard into your skin you're left with bruises!
I met some lovely ladies who's blogs I happen to stalk on a fairly regular basis too (Allison from Lark and Morgan at Morgan Wills) & and managed to get supremely jealous of everyones clever craftiness. I strongly suggest you go next time. Just make sure you are cashed up!

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