Thursday, February 14, 2013

My creative space...

I've just come off the back of three days relief teaching after already working my usual weekend job at clothing store.  To say that I am exhaustemated would be an understatement.  I stupidly have also been going to bed late and then getting up early so I can go for a run.  Blonde, I hear you say. 
There has been a complete lack of crafting as a consequence.  I have this little table set up next to my chair at night time while I try a squeeze a square or two out but that's about it.

And over the back of my chair in the craft room sits this lovely pile of sewn together strips ready for the iron and some more cutting as I slowly make some wonky squares for the scrappy quilt along that is going on over on instagram.  It has quite recently occured to me that once I have finished my squares I really don't quite know what to do next.  I should probably get on to that!



  1. Your granny squares are so pretty!

  2. My middle would be in love with those crochet aquares - purple her favourite colour! Cyndy

  3. oh well, at least you got a post! with kinder and school and work and now I'm working for my husband (yes we'll see how that goes!!!) I've managed up with less time to craft...not good I assure you! Loving that scrappy quilting business all over IG! xx

  4. You are a machine lady, whether you have anything crafty to show for it or not. All that work and exercise, you must be exhausted!?
    Loving the fabrics you have set for your quilt, it's going to look gorgeous xo

  5. All that and excersise!! You're amazing..x


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