Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Day Photos

School and kinder resumed late last week and mother's everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief, at least in this house they did!  School holidays are such a mixture of emotions.  Slower paced days, sleep-ins, playgrounds and other various activities are all fine and dandy but, oh, the incessant fighting between my three!  The whole Cruise Director hat I must put on to keep everyone entertained!  The picking up of lego!  The putting away of eleventy billion textas and pencils! 
My little people go into Grade 3 (where apparently the Real Homework begins!), Grade 1 and Four year old kinder this year.  That means for 15 hours every week this mamma has no babies at home!

Don't worry.  I do remember when they really were all babies.  Here's Matilda all fresh and new, Isaac at 2 and Oscar at 4.  It is not a lie when they say that time really does fly.


  1. oh Sonia your children are all sorts of adorable!!! And you are right, time does fly! My daughter will do 4 year old kinder this year and I'm full of excitement yet realisation that after that, she's off to school and that's it! Oh enjoy those precious 15 hours xx

  2. Oh you have the most adorable trio there lady. SO SO cute :) My big boy started school today and it was all highly emotional... for me. I guess I will get to that point where I'll be hanging out to send him back to school after the holidays, just not there yet.
    But yes, the incessant fighting between my two is DRAINING. Time does fly indeed xo


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