Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In absentia....

Olivia the Pig fabric made into a sweet wee girly skirt.

Progress on my ripplealong rug started with a whole bunch of people over at One Crafty Mumma.

To much running equals plantar fasciitis.  Whoops.  Still running in Run for the Kids though in two weeks time.  I'm embracing the pain!  (And strapping it and having some proper treatment just to be on the safe side!)

My completed quilt top from the scrappy quilt along that was doing the rounds on instagram.  Just got to teach myself what to do next!!!

Some crochet blankety progress.  It needs to be bigger!

I have not been here.  I have been everywhere else instead.  Mostly working (relief teaching) and lots of running with a little bit of parenting thrown in for good measure.  And some craft. 
So while I may not have been physically here I am actually still here.  Reading all my favourite bloggy things, wasting time on Pinterest, instagramming till the cows come home.  Basically as much procrastination as you can possibly imagine.
I would looooove to have a big clean up here.  Getting a real person to show me how to pretty this place up.  Use an actual camera for photos instead of repeated instragram ones.  Commit to blogging more regularly.  It takes time though, and that's just not on my side at the moment. 
I say thank goodness too that this revolting Melbourne hot spell appears to be coming to an end tomorrow as well.  Can everyone give me a halla-bloody-lujah!?


  1. You are so clever, loving all of your makes. xo

  2. oh yes! Hallelujah! Good riddance humidity and all that horrid hotness - I like me some nice summer weather, but this, has been un-enjoyable! Come on Autumn, we are ready! Loving all your crafty bits, not so the sore foot! xx

  3. You've been so busy! I'm finding Instagram is the next best thing to blogging, nice and quick and still keeping in touch..x

  4. Great to see an update from you lady... I have also been absent from blogging for a while now... just NO time to read my faves, let along post regular updates on my own blog. The quilt is seriously gorgeous and I am loving the Olivia fabric, such a pretty little skirt xo

  5. So busy!!!

    I just wanted to stop in and say an official thanks for stopping in on my granny blanket over the last year :) I dont know how you did it but you were always there for every blanket update :) xx

  6. Your work is wonderful. I also hope that foot heals soon. The tape is no fun when it is hot.

  7. Well that quilt top is just superb. I'm glad I found your blog! Excuse me while I trawl through the archives xx


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