Saturday, March 23, 2013

The one about poos and parking...

So tomorrow I am doing the Run for the Kids.  The short family friendly version of 5.5km.  With about 35,000 other people apparantly.  I had every intention of catching a train in but since the first train into Flinders Street Station arrives at 7.47am and the race starts at 8.10, I now have to drive.  And find a parking spot.  With 35,000 other people.  Did I mention the ironman event also on tomorrow?  And the road closures?  And the fact that I never drive into the city so have no concept of parking?  As a consequence I plan on leaving super early to give myself plenty of time to find a spot and walk to where the race is on.  Which throws me into a bind.  What if my morning poo is not ready when I am ready?!  Throw in a nervous tummy (where will I park? how long will it take me to walk from my park? how much will that parking space cost? what if i can't find a park? what if I'm late and completely miss the race?) and an aversion to any kind of public toilet and we have a situation!
Eeek!  Tell me where to park?! 
Do you know any secret city spots that 35,000 other people wont know about? 


  1. I did the run last year, luckily organised by myemployer who kindly organised a bus to pick up the employees and bring us back, so parking was not an issue. The toilets on the other hand....
    All of my co workers are female and we hopped into a toilet line that we believed was for the ladies toilets. When we finally got to the front of the line we realised that we had been lining up for over an hour to go into the mens! So anyway, men were using the urinals and women were using the cubicles. Needless to say I saw more than I bargained for that day! A few us of also missed the start of the race, due to the long wait. There were lots and lots of portaloos at the finish line, but none at the start.
    Good luck, even with all of that, I had a fabulous time at the event (except when my bestest friend fell over at the end of the race) and it was a great tem building exercise and fund-raiser.

  2. eep! good luck! with the run, and the parking, and the poo :)

  3. eek! I have no idea where to suggest you park...other than just hope that the parking inspectors will feel in good spirits for those running for the kids! Ps - i love that you're stressing about your morning poo xx

  4. Hahaha, you are too funny lady. And you know this is all rather timely, given that today I needed to hit the bathroom on my early morning run... but obviously couldn't... then was all thrown out & couldn't go for the rest of the day. That morning number 2 is SO important ;)
    Best of luck with the parking and the run tomorrow, I'm sure you'll conquer all facets of the day no worries xo

  5. Funny funny lady - and yet so insightful. Something that was on many peoples minds. I left this morning thinking that if the Great Great Paula Radcliffe can poo herself on route during a race than hey, if it's good enough for her..... ; )

    Am so sorry I missed you! But how mad was it? So so many people, You had such a great time as well. Well done! Now I am doing the 8km Mothers Day run, perhaps we can meet up then ; )

    Hope your foot is ok xx


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