Sunday, March 24, 2013

The one where I look like an orange blob, but an orange blob who can run 5.5km!

Yay!  I did it!  I loved it!  I found a great parking spot!  I did a poo before I left!  

So the sun wasn't out yet when we arrived!  I am notoriously early for EVERYTHING!  It keeps me calm.  And it meant that we got an easy peasy car park which was my biggest worry.

This is right before the run.  I am clearly the orange blob in the middle.  My personal trainer Leanne is the lady with the blue number and I credit her with the fact that I was able to run at all!  She runs Swift Fitness if you are interested.

My friend Vanessa and I with our nervous grins at the start line...

...and thumbs up at the finish line!

According to my Runkeeper I actually ran 5.77km in 30 minutes and 30 seconds.  We don't receive our official time till Tuesday in the paper but I think this is a personal best for me.  It was super crowded for most of the course so there was loads of ducking and weaving to get past people.

This is Miss Jane, my own personal papparazzi for the day! Janey and I lived together at Uni and just happened to be in town for the weekend so was able to come and cheer me along.

A quick post run breakfast in very busy Degraves Lane with my brother and his lovely wife where I completely grossed them out by discussing the whole issue of pooing in the morning.

And my charming son took this picture of me this afternoon, mid nanna nap.  An early morning, feelings of anxiousness about parking, then the actual running all resulted in me collapsing on the couch this afternoon. 
I must say I may be a little addicted to this whole fun run concept.  There was such a lovely 'vibe' around this morning and you simply can't beat running down the home stretch to the finish line with bunches of people cheering everyone on!  I'm thinking the Mother's Day Classic might be next!  Then maybe RunMelbourne!  Who's with me?!


  1. yahoo! go you!i might be with you for either of those, or maybe a casual run? i'm in blackburn ;)

  2. I ran the 5.5km course today too. Wasn't expecting the incline to be so intense. I had a Nanna nap when I got home too. :)
    Congrats on such a good time!

  3. Good for you! Looks like lots if fun too, well done..x

  4. Congrats Sonia! It does look like so much fun and 5.5km is actually acheiveable for us mere mortals who are not marathon runners and like to eat cake! well done x

  5. Good on you, that's bloody awesome.

  6. Oh well done lady, that is a very good time for 5.5km indeed! Love the pics, you are so NOT an orange blob, silly girl, you look great. And that pic of you asleep under the rainbow rug is a wee bit cute :) xo


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