Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crocheting with zpagetti

Ever worked with zpagetti?  Lordy me, is it hard work!  I have had a cone of this teasing me from the craft shelf for a while as every time I tried something with it I really struggled to get it started without it looking too messy.  And even though you hold the hook and yarn as you would normally, you really need to throw the rest of your body into it as well!
I've been super attracted to those rather large doily rugs you see on pinterest and thought I might see what I could come up with.  I didn't follow a pattern at all so it's pretty straightforward.  Best thing to do when starting off is to use a magic circle cause you need a big fat hook for this stuff and therefore a nice big starting circle too.  I also found it best to be a bit 'loose' with your stitches too!

Zpagetti works up fast and runs out quickly!  The rug I have made is only 55cm across at the moment.  I should probably get another cone of the stuff and make it bigger...

...which I will have to do anyway since I have run out halfway through on what might have been my last round!

Anyone else worked with this or something similar? 


  1. Sonia it look terrific even if it is hard work! I had admired MEl from Coal Valley View crocheting with this stuff....love the fact that you are crocheting a rug...xx

  2. This is awesome. I love it. Any idea of finished size and cost of it when it's done. I would love more detail on the how tos or a tute for your particular attern. I dont like the really frilly ones this simpler pattern and darker color more me. Do yo think doable for an almost newbie crocheter?

  3. This looks very cool Sonia. I like the look of zpagetti! Every time I read your blog I just want to crochet!

  4. I use it a lot and sell a few doily rugs. Rule of thumb tho... always buy multiple as the colourways run out fast

  5. i have worked with zpagetti http://and-sew-it-seams.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/blog-post.html & agree with 'putting in with your whole body'. my only complaint was the colour i choose had quite a few flaws in the print pattern, so had to cut a fair bit out & join again. b/c of that i wished i had of bought another roll as i ended up with a bit of wastage. your project looks great :)

  6. Weird, I've never seen one of these! I like the charcoal color ... cozy and sophisticated at the same time. You should post this as a work in progress on <a href="www.kollabora.com>Kollabora</a>, the crafting community! I haven't been seeing many crochet projects over there lately.


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