Sunday, July 21, 2013

Run Melbourne...

I ran 10km today.
People were just heading to the start here.  Don't be fooled by the empty space though!  It was super crowded!  I may have trod on several people as I was running, but was also trod on several times myself.  It all evens out in the wash!
My dad was in Melbourne this weekend (from Tassie) so forced him to come and watch me finish and take me out for breakfast!
There may also have been a sneaky visit to the Lindt shop for peanut butter balls.  After all, I had just RUN 10km!!!!
For an extra $2 you can get a text from the organisers to say what you're official time was.  It literally came through moments after I crossed the finished line.
10km in just under 55 minutes!
I ran that!


  1. Sonia you are amazing!!! How wonderful and what an achievement! Congrats and I do hope you enjoy those peanut butter balls... well deserved xx

  2. congratulations! every time I pop over here you have achieved some incredible physical challenge! Very inspiring

  3. Well done Sonia!! Good on you!!! Enjoy those peanut butter balls!


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