Monday, September 6, 2010

At my house...

... we have been growing dinosaurs!

...drawing in Prep while mummy does reading help!

...we have been having a picnic with Jemima, Humpty and Floppy Dog!

... we have been racing our cars on the back deck!

...and going to birthday parties!

Join in 'at my house...' with Lou.


  1. My you've been busy. I am very admiring of your being Reading Mum even though you have the other two smalleys. I haven't volunteered as much as I would like as I didn't think I could do it with Miss 4 and Miss 2 in tow. You have made me think differently. Next year I will have 1 in kinder, 1 in first grade and only Miss 2 at home, so I am certain I could do it then and bring her along for the ride. x

  2. Oscar has a great teacher who is happy to let mummies and siblings in for parent help. Some dont cause they are worried about the distraction small people might create. I bring food and other entertainment to keep them busy and they have never been a problem - it's only even been for 30 minutes. How much trouble could they cause??!! As a teacher myself I was always happy for siblings to come in - you got more parent helper offers that way and it makes the big kids feel special too. Also, the little people start learning how to behave in class as well so they become super ready for kinder and school when it's their turn.

  3. Looks like a nice weekend. I must get one of those dinosaurs for my little guys birthday next month, he'll love it!!

  4. What lovely activities! We have had one of those dinosaurs as well - definitely fun. Australian geographic? Not sure as ours was a gift.
    Your little ones look like they are having lots of fun times. Good on you!

    Thanks so much for joining in again this week. Lou.

  5. I have a Miss 4 who would looove those dinosaurs too!
    Loving the cars in the backyard!

  6. those dinosaurs look great!
    good on you for volunteering, every little bit helps and I agree with the little ones learning some kinder etiquette early on.
    I have baked with the kinder kids & need to do aother session soon, I feel it's definitely appreciated by kids & teachers.
    happy week to you


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