Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feeling crafty


I've just come back from a quick trip to Lincraft, which I found scary and confronting since I am the least crafty person in town. Everything appears to be in a foreign language, one that I certainly didn't learn (or perhaps just wasn't listening to!!) during Home Ec in high school. I am determined however! I will craft! I am going to attempt some crochet to make a granny square! I will be following Pip's step-by-step video advice over at Meet me at Mikes. Do you think it might be possible to create a masterpiece such as the one above? I truly hope so!
Are you crafty? Any suggestions about anything else I should try?


  1. You can do it! It's such an enjoyable craft & just look at the gorgeous things you will create! I love that granny square rug..

  2. The world is your oyster! There are a thousand one "crafts" to choose from!

    If wool takes your fancy - go for it! One square at a time seems to be manageable with the busyness of life as you can just pick it up and put it down and carry it with you wherever you go... just in case you get some time.

    So many crafts need the pack up time which with young kids is just not always practical. Crochet doesn't seem to have that problem.

    I still have 'learn to crochet' on my list......

    I just read your latest post - the perfect TV craft ;) All the best.


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