Monday, September 20, 2010

At my house....

Aaah, the joy of school holidays. Do you love them, or hate them? I tend to swing both ways, depending on the day we've had! We need to plan and prepare for them well in advance or anarchy reigns! I must ensure that each day the boys get a run - just like dogs, and that we have some serious 'tv off' time. We've planned a trip to Kew Traffic School, some playdates with friends, and we are praying for sunshine so we can get out to some of our favourite playgrounds. Today we stayed in our pjs till quite late, ran some errands at the shops - hence the Shrek kite making (a holiday activity at our shopping centre), played with lego and baked biscuits.

Do you have any grand school holiday plans you'd like to share? You can join in At my house with Lou too if you feel up for it.


  1. I love them - no more school drop off and pick up every day and the stress in the morning of having to be somewhere! Slightly more pressure to entertain though..... Sounds like lots of fun to be had at your house!

  2. Our's haven't really started off as lazily as I'd hoped, but as of tommorrow, it's slow moving from here on...enjoy!

  3. Yes, mixed blessings. Sounds like you have had a great start to the holidays. I imagine it must be a bit of pressure to keep up the entertainment for the whole time but they must love it.

    Thanks for joining in. Great to visit your house. Lou.

  4. I love school holidays mostly like you depending on how the day is going but overall the relaxing nature means we're all usually pretty happy. We haven't got any major plans, maybe a trip into the city, a visit to the water, cooking, craft and some play dates. Enjoy your school holidays.


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