Friday, September 10, 2010

Furniture Bogan

Yes, actually, I have just downloaded the free Ikea app to my iphone. Well, I am trying to anyway! So far it has taken almost an hour and most of my phone battery. Goodness only knows what it's doing to my internet usage bill!!!
I must say I am quite addicted to Ikea. I know some can't stand the same-sameness about it all, but I happen to think that your house isn't a home without an Expedit bookcase or two somewhere in it! Do you agree?
I love the manic busy-ness of a Sunday morning visit, all 3 children in tow, all of whom simply refuse to sit in a pram or trolley! I love the fake rooms, the tiny pencils (the kids have quite a collection of these at home) the bickering partners. I love the whole self-helpness of it all! The insane queue at the checkout! The fact that you cant take your trolley to the car that gives you an excuse to sit on all your goods with an Ikea soft serve in the collection carpark while your husband wrangles the three smalls back to the car and then has to fight his way back to collect you! The getting everthing home via the Eastern Freeway tied to the roof of your car and the instant demanding need to put everything together as soon as its in the front door!
Are you an Ikea bogan too? Go on, admit it!


  1. Hehe, yeah, I've got a soft spot for the Ikea rooms too, but I'll go you one better: I'm a hard-rubbish-day bogan. Beat that :-)


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