Saturday, October 30, 2010

This Saturday I'm grateful for... Birthday Cakes and Patrick Swayze

gif animators
Gif animators

So I'm sitting here on my own after a very busy birthday week for this certain someone. This is only one of the 3 cakes Isaac has had this week, and while it was only made from playdough it was just as good as a real one. We also had a dinosaur cake on his actual birthday at home and for his party today I attempted a Buzz Lightyear cake. Come back next week for a picture of that one!
I have been attempting to load all my photos from his party today on my computer which for some reason has almost come to a dead stop - I think I have too many pictures and videos of my smalls on here. Thank goodness Ghost is on so I have a just a bit of Patrick Swayze to keep me company. That man was quite the spunk rat, even with that crazy flippy little fringe he had.
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  1. Aw, he looks so happy! And that dinosaur cake is incredible - well done!

  2. The little animation shows this off so beautifully. A playdough cake at preschool is a terrific idea.

    Thanks for linking up today, LL. x

  3. i am also grateful for big smiles!
    he looks soo happy.
    our kinder has a wooden cake, no real cake allowed unfortunately.
    happy Sunday ♥


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