Friday, March 30, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Tell me how one fits anything in when one is either working, cleaning up dog poo, parenting children or doing washing?

One is getting a wee bit overwhelmed this week and shall never again take on extra shifts without first gaining a commitment from one's partner to make some attempt at maintaining the washing and the lego!

I checked in with my google reader this morning and there was in excess of 400 blogs for me to read!  I have crafted zilch, crocheted not a single stitch, have not managed to finish reading the Hunger Games and have had the latest edition of Mollie Makes teasing me from the side table!

What does one do with the hours late at night after work when one should be folding laundry?  One goes on Pinterest and starts planning Angry Bird cake ideas for a certain young man's 8th birthday next month, that's what!

Source: via Sonia on Pinterest

How cool would this one be????  It's amazing!


  1. Well of course that's what you have to do in the evenings! What a giggle. Those cakes look amazing - good luck with yours hon. I have to tell you that at this very second I have got your Spinach, Olive and Pinenut Tart in my oven. It smells amazing and I can't wait to eat it!! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. Have a fab weekend. I hope you find a few minutes to get your crochet hook out and have some selfish time.

  2. Those cakes are hilarious! I know you'll be able to pull one of those off easily! Certainly know what you mean about the monotonous and mountainous washing - good luck with that! Pinterest is much more fun!

  3. Oh I have missed you lovely lady. I can relate to not having enough hours in the day... and that is going to bed at 1am most nights. I know, craziness. Hope the pace slows for you somewhat over the weekend, though with Easter and holidays around the corner, I doubt you'll have anytime to yourself, anytime soon.
    And hey, Sandra over at Kids, Chaos and Cake made an angry birds cake for her son just this week, she posted pics etc... It looked amazing... mind you, I don't actually know what angry birds ARE or why there seems to be a craze for them right now

  4. Pinterest has a lot to answer for really. I click on it, and poof I loose an hour!! love the look of those cakes though!!

  5. Must make sure my son NEVER sees me looking at this post. He would want all that in a heartbeat!

    Laundry shmaundry.


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