Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hairy MacLary From Robinson's Dairy!

We've had a little snip on Friday, just an inch or two.  It took less than five minutes, maybe a dozen snips of the hairdressers scissors and I was $20 poorer.  Yes, that's right $20!

Next time I will totes be doing it myself, even if I have to use the sewing scissors to do it!


  1. I think she will be mighty upset - she looks very comfortable in that hairdressers chair lol!

  2. Ohhh she is just gorgeous! And yes, definitely DIY, I figure you have to get in all the home snipping before they become old enough to flatly refuse it. I know there will come a time when my bodgey haircuts won't well... cut it anymore. Until then, it's Mama Scissorhands around here xo

  3. $20!! Jeepers!

    My mum still cuts my hair, when I have it (it's currently shaved).

    She also cuts my son's hair :)


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