Saturday, March 24, 2012

Milo Chocolate Coco Pops Robinson...

...duly named by the five year old!  Heretofore called Milo for short!

(There is a puppy buried in there!)

He's eaten, he's pooped - outside and in, he's nipped Miss Matilda (to say she was unimpressed would be putting it mildly!!!), he's yet to bark or whine or make one noise (what's with that!!!! bet he's saving it for 3am!!!) and has gone nicely to bed in the laundry.

Welcome to the family Milo Chocolate Coco Pops Robinson!


  1. Oh my goodness.... that's three of my favourite foods in a name!

  2. Heis too cute or words and he has the BEST name! x

  3. My kids have been BEGGING for a pet for such a long time - the chicken doesn't cut it apparently! I think we might have to succumb soon. Milo looks adorable.

  4. OMGosh he's adorable. I LOVE labradors. What a beautiful sweet face he has. Devilishly handsome :) ... makes me kinda sad, too. We gave our dog to another family when we moved up here to PNG 6 months ago, a black labrador/poodle called Jack Black.

  5. Oh love! He is ADORABLE! The photos are gorgeous, look at your little babies with your newest baby, so SO cute. Hope little Milo settles in without too much disruption... or too many nips, let's face it, it was bound to happen, yeah?? xo

  6. What an adorable name to go with an adorable little face! He is just gorgeous. Enjoy your new addition hon.


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