Friday, March 9, 2012

My creative space...

 I was going to make a lovely red copy of the one pictured but then I spied some babushka corduroy fabric on sale at Spotty during the week and brought a metre or so thinking I'd surely find a use for it.  When I spy babushka anything, I am hard pressed to leave it there!

Bow down to the wonders of my sewing (and my appalling iphone photos)!!!!

I made the medium from the book and it is perfect for Matilda (she is 3), with plenty of room for movement and growing. 

Now, I know it is not perfect because I used fabric with a pattern and of course once you cut all the pieces out, my dollys didn't all match up nicely, but I seriously don't think it matters when it's this cute!

The vacant stare - post kinder photo sessions are really not an optimal for mini models.

Bribery to even stand still was required.... in the form of THE MOST ANNOYING WIGGLES MOVIE EVER!!!!

Why hello poppet.  That's a nice scowl you're sporting there!

The inside fabric is also from Spotlight and comes from the lovely new Lisette range.  The little babushka button was purchased from a market ages ago and made by Buttons by Lou Lou who isn't in operation anymore.

Cute dolly close up!

It took my a couple of hours to make the cape and it does say it is for beginner sewers.  I think it is fairly straightforward but I made sure I read through it all first so I had a good visual idea of what I needed to do before I started hacking away at the fabric.


  1. oh it turned out wonderful!!! i saw that fabric in spotlight today, but i had to back away as my trolley was so full of fabric already!!! love your little model - faces and all, she'll love sporting her new cape xx

  2. Oh hoods & babushkas, hello, love!!
    I so want a grown up red riding hood, i think it would look amazing with giant pom poms & jeans with like gum boots?? Yay, bring on Winter, love Posie

  3. It is gorgeous. Really wonderful.

  4. Oh it's beautiful lovely one. Love your mini model too, she is just way too sweet. I really like your take on the red riding hood cape, so much more interesting with babushka's all over it xo


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