Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Do you know what today is?
(The things you meet at shopping centres during school holidays!)

Today is the last day of school holidays where mumma's everywhere breathe a sigh of relief... at least in this house!  The smalls are back to school TOMORROW!  Routine is back TOMORROW!  Can I get a WOOT WOOT! 

It's hilarious that a week ago I was posting how grateful I was feeling about the relaxed ho humness that school holidays can produce.  Week 1 always makes me feel this way. 
Week 2 makes me want to stab myself in the eye.
(We go the park to play.  We end up sitting and eating non-stop!)

They have literally been killing me and each other this week with non-stop arguments and incredible fisticuffs... Matilda included.  At the park the other day my friend was asking whether the huge, gouging scratch marks down the back of Oscar's neck were due to a dog attack.  Um, no.  That would be the five year old brother.  Oscar probably looked at him the wrong way.
So busy have I been keeping them in seperate rooms of the house I've had no time for very much else.  When I got into my google reader this morning there were over 400 blog updates to look at!  What's a girl to do?
I was ruthless.  I scrolled through them.  Kept clicking on the next button.  If you didn't grab me with your opening line/picture, I had to keep going.  Ruthless I tell you but a must.  I cannot cope with a full google reader!

Best thing I have come across this morning though is this fantastic new site called
SewSet. See.Save.Sew.

It's like Pinterest for Sewers! 
I came across it through this wonderful blog, Me Sew Crazy.
Jessica describes the site as a forum where users can freely upload and share their patterns and tutorials with the on-line sewing community, search the sewing directory, and save their favorites for future reference.
Go to the blog link above for a better description, but if you are a crafty sewing type, do yourself a favour and have a look at SewSet.


  1. Ahhhh Sonia!!! One more day hey! Well, i too loved the "no routine" aspect the holidays brought...and given my husband was able to take time off to, the bliss lasted a little longer, but I can see what you mean. I think my kids forgot how to be around each all ALL DAY!!! Good luck with Term 3!!! And I'm so checking out that sew site!!!

  2. I'll join you with that 'woot woot!'...two back at school tomorrow, so it's just me and my littlest man during the day again. Thanks for the link to SewSet - I hadn't heard of it before but it looks fab (already sneaked over for a peek - how gorgeous is that petal dress pattern?).

  3. oh it's so nice to know it wasnt just me !! i quite enjoyed the last holidays, but this one....oh my...i wanted to 'stab myself in the eye' too! saying that, i will stupidly miss them all come tomorrow! thanks for the link too :) enjoy tomorrow :) cheers

  4. You make me laugh so much lady, I can so relate... and I don't even have any kids in school yet! BUT we have missed preschool like CRAZY! Add to that, all the illness and it's been a mental couple of weeks.
    Love the pics, they may be mischief makers, but your babies are so gorgeous! xo

  5. Your post has had me laughing out loud as the words could have come straight from my own mouth!! Mine have been fighting non-stop and driving me mad. I was thinking the very same thoughts last night about first day of term and wouldn't you know it, my youngest is now sick and at home so still no peace and quiet. Maybe tomorrow?

    Enjoy the quiet!


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