Thursday, July 26, 2012

My creative space...

A week between drinks?!

Pretty embarrassing really considering how many blogs I read everyday that I am unable to keep mine relevant and up to date!

I have good intentions and then I sit down and think, hmm, well.  Do you really want to hear my sweary rant about how my car wouldn't start on Sunday morning, my husband had already gone to work and I had to drive the Manual Transit Van with three kids squeezed illegally across the front seat so my son could play his last game of U8 footy for the season.  I have not driven a manual vehicle in 15 years.  And I hate weekend kiddie sport.

Do you really want to hear how much money I have spent this week on school and kinder photos - only to receive individual shots of the boys that when shown to a friend gasped in fright!  Or how you get duped at kinder into buying the special frame with the special poster type montage of kinder photos cause you know they produce it in such an obscure shape you are not going to find that frame size anywhere.  Then they charge you $50 for said frame that you remember only cost $30 last year.

Lucky this one was pretty cute.  The dimples just about kill me!

I have been slowly plugging away at Isaac's Mario blanket but need to order more wool before I can really go much further.  Until I find some money for that (the small amount that might be left over after the exhorbitant photo expenditure!) I have been trying to teach myself some other crafty endeavours.

I picked up the cutest little cross stitch sets from Big W the other day and have been teaching myself/remembering how to do it.

I have strong memories of sitting at my aunts house one summer when I was only young while she showed me what to do.  It has all come flooding back and it's pretty straight forward.  I do find I must pop on my glasses and sit in a well lit spot or those teeny holes might send me a bit bonkers!

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  1. cross-stitch, it's just like riding a bike!
    hope this coming week treats you a little better!

  2. Ah school photos... I must admit I fall for it every year, but I do make myself only get the basic pack. Some years it's a winner and some not so... that's the way it goes I think ;) I haven't done cross-stitch since school either - I'd loved to do some too. I think you'revery smart getting the feel for it again on a small project. I'm the kind of nut who would jump in head-first on a Cecil B de Mille kind of thing ;) haha. Still loving your Mario blanket - just wonderful. Can't wait to see it finished. Kx

  3. Oh Sonia - what a week for you! My husband gave me one of a few first manual lessons a few weeks ago...we haven't had another one since...perhaps that's telling me something! love that little cross stitch! I have one huge cross stitch of snuggle pot and cuddle pie that's been going for....get this 18 years!! yep...started it when i was 12!! I do love it, but nowadays I'm after instant gratification so smaller achievable crafts rule. One day i'll finish it! happy days to you all xx

  4. Love a good bit of cross stitch

  5. Ha! I have weeks a bit like those, so take heart you are not along with the being guilt-ed into buying retarded stuff thing. Cross stitch is so relaxing. I find myself utterly absorbed when I get into one. Look forward to seeing it finished.

  6. That cross stitch is so you! I have not cross stitched since I was a kid, but I remember enjoying it. I agree with you with the school photos - ridiculously exorbitant! Hope your car is all better. xo

  7. Well yes, yes I do want to hear all of that stuff. It's all very eventful and makes me smile and feel a little more normal, for all the frustrating things that happen around here.
    Oh the school photos eh, what a rip off, I paid $50 for Angus' preschool photos! They see me coming I think... and we haven't even got to school yet.
    But that pic is just angelic, your boys are BEAUTIFUL!
    And snap! I have that same little cross stitch kit from big dubs... except I also bought a few others designs. Have I started on any of them, nope! But I will.
    My sister-in-law taught me cross stitch many years ago and it is still my favourite kind of sewing.
    Great update lady xo

  8. That's really terrible about the school photos... man I would be a bit cross too!

    Ahhhh cross stitch... I would spend hours and hours doing that when I was little girl... love it!
    Hope you have a better week :)

  9. Those dimples are pretty cute! P.S. that mario blanket is very cool! Good luck with the tapestry :)

  10. Lovely catch up post. Never fear you are way ahead of me in the posting. Its been a long time between updates at mine. Hopefully soon I will have my own technology again and can jump back in asap. Hmmm photos, cars and budgetry restraints for what we love. All very familiar, good luck with the cross stitch- very cute.

  11. That is the cutest cross-stitch! I'm goingto headroom big w for one too! Thanks! Oh and I enjoyed hearing about your week :) xx


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