Monday, July 30, 2012

Severe Mondayitis

My Monday morning looked like this:

 I tripped over the dog bed, fell onto the child safety gate that we have in the laundry to keep the dog contained which then came out of the door frame with the elephantine force of my weight on it, landed on my knees on top of the gate, skidded my elbows on the carpet getting carpet burn and hit my head on the wall!  On the way down I did some kind of twisty action as well, so my back is feeling quite ouchy as well.  I lay there moaning and in tears wondering whether to get Oscar to call an ambulance!  Fearing that would freak the kids out and since I was still in my pjs, no bra, bed hair and all (which would clearly freak any ambo's out) I lay there and swore instead.  I have been limping all day and have terribly bruised knees, a ripped toenail, carpet burnt elbows and an achey back to show for it.

Moral of the story - the bloody dog can sleep outside from now on!

Things that cheered my limpy Mondayitis up a smidgen:

My sister found this somewhere on facebook -

Sooo true!  Especially if you add in Pinterest and Blogging!
Source: via Sonia on Pinterest
Cute crochet runners from ASOS!  Going straight onto my birthday wishlist!


Watching Isaac be a flag bearer for his 'country'!  The closest he will ever get to the Olympics I think.  He is not renowned for his athletic ability!

Having this Rainbow of Yarny Goodness watch me from the corner of my craft room.  I feel a rainbow rug in my waters!  Maybe something like this or this.

Hope your Monday started off better than mine!


  1. Yikes! Reminds me of last year when our stairwell was very moist with humidity. I had baked mint chocolate cookies and was on the way out to visit with friends, plate of cookies in hand, when my sandaled foot slipped on the 2nd stair and I went straight down 12 stairs landing on all fours at the bottom which is how hubby found me when he came running out wondering what all the noise was. Ouch! Did that hurt. But thankfully I didn't break anything. Glad to hear you are okay. Your week can only look up from here. :) best wishes, Tammy

  2. Oh No! poor you! how horrible to fall over on a Monday! what a terror start to your week although I do love your bermuda triangle pic...although i would be Pinterest, Blogging and probably Fishpond for me at the moment...i can't stop looking at which books to buy next! argggh...loving those crochet shoes too and wow'ee what a colourful array of least you didn't do an injury to your hands rendering your unable to craft!!! Now that would have been frightful! xx

  3. Oh lady! How hideous that start to your week sounded. You poor love. It is BAD when you actually injure yourself in some silly household mishap, I have been there also, where you don't want to freak the kids out, but you just wanna cry and cry.
    Hope you have a good sleep and your cuts and bruises heal quickly.
    That rainbow rug is going to be AMAZING!
    Here's to a better rest of the week xoxo

  4. Oh dear :( that is one of my fears. Some sort of accident with no other adult around. And I spend a lot of time alone. Hope your week is improving.

  5. Oh no! What a terrible Monday you had! Hope you are not still stiff and sore. :( You poor thing. That bermuda triangle is hilarious! blogging and facebook certainly sends me there!


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