Friday, July 6, 2012

52 weeks of Grateful... Flying free

School holidays always see me torn.
I love routine, the kids love routine.  Matilda's first question to me of a morning is always about what the day is and what's on the calendar. 
We love to wake up in the morning and know our expectations!

School holidays mean there are no expectations.  Two weeks stretches in front of us with vague plans and committments about what we might do (depending on mummies finances!)

Dare I say that I have enjoyed week 1.  We've had pyjama days, we've been bowling, we've been to the upstairs/downstairs Chippie Donalds, birthday parties and the skate park.  More parties and football are on for the weekend.  Maybe a little drive to country next week.  An outdoor playground if this jolly rain stops.

We've been flying free... no routines at all.  Generally waking up and seeing how the land lies before decisions are made about what entertainment we participate in.

I'm feeling grateful about the relaxed atmosphere we have been living in.

(Did your parents ever let you fly on their feet?  I remember doing it with my sister and feeling sad when we got to big to do it anymore!)


  1. That is so cute Sonia...all your kids flying on your feet! We are loving the calmness of no routine (even though I have a routine loving son!) that the holidays bring too and loving some snaps of sunshine too! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. Gorgeous! Hope the next week is just as blissful for you all. Love those images! What fun! x

  3. Love the relaxed feeling. These photos look like so much fun x

  4. Oh I LOVE the flying feet thing! Yes, we did it as kids and now I do it with my boys too! Great shots lady, sounds like you're making the most of the holi's! Enjoy the final week xo

  5. My youngest loves to fly on feet but there's no way I could lift her 8 year old sister! I'm with you, would go crazy if we lived with the school holiday lack of routine all the time, but it's precisely the fact that it's out of the norm that makes it so enjoyable. This is the first time I haven't booked out every single day of the holidays with sone kind if activity. We are taking each day as it comes and I think it is perfect for the winter! Glad you are enjoying it also!


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