Thursday, August 16, 2012

Birthday bonus.... Tonsilitis!

Ahh, 37.  What a welcome you have given me.

It started on Sunday night when I went to bed with a funny tickle in my ears that seemed to reach it's fingers into my throat.  Monday I just felt weary.  It started to hurt when I swallowed.

Tuesday, my birthday.  I had grand plans of meeting some lovely friends for lovely coffee whilst being lavished with lovely gifts.  Instead I woke up at 3am vomiting with achey bones so bad I sobbed while my husband snored.

Is there anything more pity party inducing than spending your birthday lying on the couch moaning?

I did manage to bake my own birthday cake on Monday afternoon.  A very sad looking replica of the sewing machine from the Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book.  At least the kids liked it, and I have bags of left over lollies in the cupboard since I only used a couple for decoration anyway.

And I did end up with lovely gifts of course....

Birthday money was used to finally pick up the ipad I had on layby.  It only took me three hours last night to crack my wifi security so that the bloody thing could work!

And some very lovely friends of mine spoilt me with a lovely pile of goodies too!

I'm off to Hobart next weekend (all by myself!!!!) to catch up with some friends and family so I am planning on celebrating my birthday a little better then.  Salamanca Market, The Stash Cupboard, dinner out, staying in a hotel.  Yes please!

Have you ever been sick on your birthday???


  1. Aww, well happy birthday. I hope it gets better soon. This too shall pass and you will have interesting memories to share in future years. And what better way to celebrate with your new IPad. Enjoy!

  2. happy bday Miss Lionesslady!
    sorry to hear that you haven't been well, hope you feel better soon.
    loving the cake...and those pressies! nice
    hugs ♥

  3. happy b'day :) what a fab cake & hope you feel better soon :) have a great time in tassie, the break will be lovely. cheers

  4. Awww. That is such rotten luck to be sick on your birthday. No good at all. So glad that you're getting away to Tassie.
    BTW - I adore your cake. It looks fantastic. Just as good as the one in the cook book. Brilliant.

  5. Awww Happy Birthday beautiful lady! You poor love, being so crook and all. Your cake is magnificent, how cute are you to bake your own birthday cake... wish we lived closer and I'd have whipped up a little something something for you.
    But how wonderful your weekend away sounds. You make sure you indulge yourself in good food and fine wine and plenty of gossiping with friends... will make up for the sick birthday.
    And yes, I HAVE been sick on my birthday, last year actually... Scott and my birthdays are a day apart, so we'd planned on a dinner date (back then we hadn't been out together in almost a year!), but we both ended up sick and had to cancel it. Boo Hoo!


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