Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'm escaping tomorrow for the weekend.  Three whole days with nary a husband or a child (that belongs to me!!!) in sight!
I grew up in Tasmania, in Devonport and went to Hobart for uni.  Met my husband there, moved to Melbourne, had some babies and forgot to ever go back for a visit!  I think in the 13 or so years since we moved I've been back to Hobart maybe once!  Our Tasmanian jaunts always focus going back to Devonport where both our families still live, so I'm quite looking forward to getting back to Tassie's chilly capital!
My sister is driving down for the weekend too and we plan on giggling our way through the next three days with eating, Salamanca marketing, catching up with friends and maybe getting a litte bit of ink!!!
(clearly not me, it's Christina Ricci, but I am totes being a copycat!!!)
See you on the other side!


  1. Yay! See you tomorrow!

    PS I think you've been back twice, once for my wedding and once since (I seem to recall meeting you, Darren and your Mum for lunch at Salamanca once).

  2. How flippin fantastic lady! Hope you have a wonderful time with the fam & just enjoy that well deserved break from the every day. And you MUST share your tat if you get one, would love to see xoxo

  3. Oh this sounds so awesome. I have my 20 year school reunion later this year, so many of the girls are flying in solo, they are so excited, making a weekend of it. Seeing i'm only in Canberra, we're driving to Sydney as a family, which is great for the school tour before the reunion, show my children where i went & what i used to get up to. I'm so excited.
    As for a getaway solo, i've only been home to Sydney once solo without children or a husband, it was a dash for a craft retreat but gosh, in a hire car, catching a plane without having to worry about losing anyone, it was SO relaxing. Have a blast. I would love to do something like this with my sister & leave our collective 7 children behind, but she can't bring herself to let go for even a minute. Maybe one day in our 40s?? Love Posie


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