Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday Month!

August is Birthday Month for me!  I insist a fuss be made at least a week either side of the actual date which gives interstate relatives and friends plenty of time to get their large and cumbersome gifts in the post.  I love my birthday!  I still count down the sleeps.... 12 to go for those interested parties!
I'm hoping my ipad gets picked up from layby (a marvellous invention that...layby. I've picked it, put a deposit on and will just hand over the receipt!)

I've booked a weekend away in Hobart for the end of the month too.  Since I am originally from Tassie, I'm quite looking forward to catching up with some friends and family and most importantly spending an entire morning wandering around Salamanca Market WITHOUT ANY CHILDREN!

I'm also hinting to anyone that will listen that I want the sewing machine cake from the Australian Woman's Weekly Birthday Cake Book!

Birthday Month started with a bang when I won this sweet little prize from Amelia and Atticus blog.  I realise it's not for me but I have as much fun putting the girl child in cute outfits as she does wearing them so I benefit as well in the end!

In other news, I'm thinking of returning to teaching!  We are just waiting for Darren's work to settle into some kind of routine and I then I'll start picking up some relief teaching days... I hope.  Going through some old photos last night I came across this smashing effort I made for Book Parade Day....
 I totally rocked that Cardboard Hippo Sandwich Board Dress Up! 
The book - Too Loud Lily.
 My teaching buddy and I.  Bek was Wanda Linda from The Terrible Underpants!

This must have been 2002/2003 before Oscar was born.

Happy Thursday everyone.


  1. Oh what a planner you are for your birthday! I like your style! And you'll adore your iPad! it's genius! Also....sewing machine cake.....I'm intrigued...i'm off to google it as I have the Women's Weekly cake book but I assure you no sewing machine cake in sight ( perhaps wrong edition!) and now I must lay my eyes on it! I do hope someone whips it up for you! xx

    ps - you are rockin' that hippo outfit! xx

  2. Haha, you're hilarious lady. Love that you make the most of your birthday. I'm the exact opposite, hate a fuss, try to let it slide by, etc etc... But I will say, that I am also an August baby, great month it is!
    Love the pics! They made me smile. How exciting and I imagine a little surreal, the thought of returning to teaching xo

  3. You really are rocking that hippo outfit!! Happy birthday month! My son is also in August and let us all know on the first of the month that i t was now his birthday month and has been continuuing to let us know ever since. I love your enthusiasm - birthdays are a big deal!

  4. lol! so lovely to hear someone loves birthdays as much as I do :D I hope you have a delightful birthday month x
    oh and I just love your book week parade photos, great to have such brilliant photos to remind you about the joy of teaching :)


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