Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I've fallen in love with the Next button!

How do you read your blogs?  Me... I stack 'em and rack 'em using the Google Reader.  It's unattractive and not perfect for commenting or pinning or anything really but straight reading and then scrolling onwards.  I've become the worst kind of blog reader.... a non-commenting, uninvolved one!

But that's all about to change with my discovery of the NEXT button!!!!
How have I not known about this before????

1. Go to your reader settings in google reader. 
2. Click on the tab called goodies.
3. Drag the NEXT bookmark to your bookmarks bar.
4. Revel in the magic of reading blogs on their beautiful bloggy pages!
Now I can click on that Next button and it takes me to your actual blog!  I can comment straight away!  I can pin crafty things straight away!  I can watch video links straight away!
Did you know about this??? Or am I the only blonde one???


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