Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Pudding Day

I declared today Christmas Pudding Day. 
Normally Christmas Pudding Day occurs when my lovely sister is in town since it really is a two person job to hold the calico full of yummy puddingy mix whilst tying it up with string!  Since she couldn't just flit over on a whim from Tassie, I had to do it myself!
Really, why bother cleaning up the breakfast dishes before you start!  Just dive right in and make some more mess. 
My fruit has been soaking in kahlua for about a week or so already.  I dumped all my dry ingredients into the soaked fruity mixture... which of course included a healthy bag or so of choc chips, mixed it all up and came up with this mess....
...dollop it all out on to a pudding cloth...
...mine has a Christmas pud recipe on it but I follow a different recipe.  I purchased a few of these a couple of years ago from Spotlight but this is the lucky last one.  I soaked this in my big pot of boiling water before I put the pudding into the centre of it so it was sanitized before use.  I also dust the cloth lightly with plain flour so the pudding won't stick to it.
Tie your string around the the calico nice and tight, getting rid of us much air as possible.  This is where a second set of hands comes in useful as one person can hold up the pud, pulling the cloth nice and tight and the second person can tie the string around and around!
Whack a saucer into the bottom of your saucepan of boiling water.  You will hear the constant tingle of that plate and know that you are not burning the bottom of your pudding and that the water is happily boiling away constantly cooking your lovely pud.

Make sure you tie the excess fabric and string around the handle of your pot so you don't set your kitchen alight with the gas flame from your cooktop!
I boiled that pudding for three hours and will then hang it out on a hook to dry till Christmas Day.  I'll boil it up again on the day for an hour or so and then probably eat too much of it with raspberries, custard, ice-cream and icing sugar!
Don't forget to make your son take ridiculous photos of you holding up your heavy pudding to share with the world!

What can you do for the three hours your pudding is boiling away?!  Certainly not housework!  I used that time to play around with new headers for the blog, mucked around with the widths and basically stuffed things up, then spent about the same amount of time googling ways to fix it!  Whoops!


  1. awesome effort doing that yourself! & congrats to the young fella getting your head in the frame :) love the story about the change of header. i sat on mine for over 2 weeks before i was brave enough to attempt it !! it doesnt play fair at all..

  2. I might even try that! Sounds yum

  3. Wow! How organised are you. Christmas pudding hey. I've never made one... maybe I will this year. You've inspired me.

  4. ooh Sonia i have never made a christmas pudding before...but just might have to! xx

  5. This is awesome lady, looks quite involved. You are so good getting into your Christmas prep already. I haven't baked in months... mainly due to not having a kitchen, but seeing you all pudding proud gives me lots of inspiration to get back into it. Love the photos, you're so cute xo

  6. Ooh, thankyou thankyou for the tutorial!! I have been wanting to make these for years but wasn't sure where to start! Loving those breakfast dishes too ;)


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