Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The thumb stroke

For as long as I can remember Matilda has done this thing where she seeks out one of my fingers, preferably the one with the raggediest nail edge, to maniacally stroke.
 It soothes and calms her, especially in the middle of the night when she joins us in our bed. If I have my back to her and don't give her my hand she sobs like I've hurt her feelings.  On insane, sleepless nights when she has tossed and turned unable to sleep for a variety of reasons, I have let her flick and scratch at my nail till the skin around it has bled. 
Parents will do anything for sleep.
 Her preference has mostly been the thumb.

(the thumb stroke in action today before swimming lessons... )
No-one else's thumb nail can do the trick.  It must be mine.  As insane as it can (often!) drive me, it makes my heart feel warm and aglow.


  1. Ah the comfort that only a Mum can bring.
    As painful and annoying as it might be sometimes, it really does sound quite sweet :)
    Rach x

  2. yep...i know what you mean Sonn..i think i mentioned it on your instagram pic! My son, since birth has played with my hair...whilst a babe it was ok, the toddler years were torturous as he had no concept how much he could hurt me (to the point that i would wrap my hair up turban style!) but now...my gorgeous six year old has learnt the boundaries will ask "can I cuddle your hair" and just stroke it, hold it and let it fall through his fingers. I once asked what he would do if I decided to cut my hair really short....he looked mortified and said "mum, i would just cry and cry"....needless to say, my long hair is staying. Your story is gorgeous. it's just pure, uncompromising love a mother has for their children.

  3. Oh my, that is way way too cute. How beautiful, that you have that bond with your gal... even if it is a little off-puting at times. Kids and their funny little habits xo


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