Thursday, November 8, 2012

My creative space...

I had quite a skirty weekend!  A girlfriend asked me to make these four matchy match skirts for a friend of hers who has just given birth to her fourth baby girl!  Lucky thing!
I'm a big fan of dressing your small people in same same things on occasion!  I know many who are not!  I think while they are little you can get away with soooo much in the dressing department so do it while you can!!!
I must have learnt it from my mother....
In case you can't see very well, those are matching terry toweling t-shirt and short sets!  My mum changed it up a little to allow me a pink set, but still, we match!!!
I grabbed a few plain white t's for her to match them all up, for a nice clean crisp look (which should last approximately 3.5 seconds once you get a white t-shit on a small person!).
For more creative spaces, head on over to Kidspot.  There's always some lovely inspiration to be found!


  1. they are so lovely! my little sis and i were forever matchy, but usually in a different colourway. nice to find your blog through creative spaces :)sarah

  2. Cute skirts! I have many photos of my sisters and I in matching outfits, mostly ones that either Mum or my Nan had made for us, pretty funny looking back at them now :)

  3. Very cute little skirts :)

    Love that old photo... ha ha ha I had a terry towelling all in one jumpsuit shorts! I love it... sooo comfortable! My mum use to dress me and my little sister the same and it I totally hated it! :)

  4. They're sweet & yay to 4 girls (i had 3 girls then a boy) & no, i don't do matchy matchy, especially as i have twins, but these are really adorable. Love Posie

  5. Those skirts are gorgeous! I'm not a fan of kids being dressed the same all the time but think it is fun every now and again :)
    I have 2 boys, 8 and 10yrs, who don't really look at all alike, but they love dressing the same sometimes, and I pretend I can't tell them about. They know I am being ridiculous, but they love it all the same :)
    x Sannah

  6. Loving the skirts - they rock!
    I've just finished sewing up some matchy-matchy PJs for my mob. Personally I'm against matchy-matchy - especially the mother-daughter kind - traumatised from my own youth ... BUT my smalls have BEGGED me to make them some matchy-matchy things... so PJs are my compromise :)

  7. How beautiful! You clever lady, they are the most divine little skirts and how lovely to have four little ladies to dress up all matchy matched.
    Love that snap, how good was the terry towelling era?? Remember it well, I think I had a lemon coloured short and tee set, HOTNESS! xo


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