Monday, November 26, 2012

Proud Parenting Moments #763

So, the boy's school gives out Student of the Month awards at assembly.  Not everyone gets one.  I've known parents who've had smalls at the school who have never recieved one.  Frankly, I find them a little annoying.  You have good kids who happily plod along getting good results, behaving themselves, playing nicely who never get an award.  Then you get the child who just about murders someone on a daily basis in the playground but one day, for five minutes, actually does what they are told and get awarded for it!  (Excuse my rant!)
Late last week we got the call asking that we might be needed at Monday morning's assembly as someone was getting the big call out!  I did ask Isaac's teacher whether he might be getting one for good spelling during his graffiti stint, but apparently no.

 Trying his best at all times and being a nice friend to his classmates.
(such a spunky boy!)
And of course, there is no way Isaac could have been a sensible child who calmly walks out to the principal in front of the entire school to recieve his award.  Of course not. 

Clearly, I have a class clown in the making!


  1. Wow. That's a pretty impressive start. I envy his core muscle strength muchly.
    You should be proud - kindness is something he will take with him through life. Awesome.

  2. He's the cutest little bunny going! How fab that he received this award. What a guy. x

  3. Oh too funny! What a little character. He has THE most angelic face, you realise that don't you?! A gorgeous boy who will no doubt be a heart-breaker. Well done young fella :) xo

  4. I'm with Sally. Great core muscle strength. What a wonderful thing to get an award for!

  5. So gorgeous, what a character! Well done Isaac, and a very proud moment for you mumma! I get your rant, totally..x


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