Friday, September 27, 2013

Getting my late night craft on!

What's a girl to do when she spies Pip's crafty larksfoot iPad cover in the new Mollie Makes Crochet book but to go right ahead and make it!
I just used some left over wooly yarn I had from another project to create a bit of a rainbow.  It whipped up super fast (took me two nights and just a couple of episodes of True Blood...which I am secretly addicted to!!!!) and the pattern was very easy to follow.  Makes me want to use it again on a larger blankety style project. 



  1. Looks so great!! The colours work perfectly!
    I've ALMOST gotten one of those placemats hooked up ;) just need to see the pocket on...
    It's such a fab book huh?

  2. Brilliant. I've been meaning to make Pip's space invaders blanket for years now... the yarn is all bought. It's in a bag somewhere... maybe one day.

    As the nights warm up night craft is the thing to do.


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