Monday, September 9, 2013

The tooth fairy

Get the rotten child?!  I am assuming that is an updated version of tiggy!
And the tooth fairy (otherwise known as daddy's wallet) did indeed leave $20.  How could she not when a note like that is left for her!? And it was a front tooth!
Days later....
The second big tooth get's the wobbles!
Poor tooth fairy!
"To the tooth fairy.  I have lost my very big tooth.  My dad pulled it out when I was drying myself.  I got dressed and mum came home and I showed her.  It is like $12.95.  Now I have no front teeth.  From Isaac Robinson"
$12.95... Well, that's the price of the bug magazine the newsagent is currently selling with the awful dead scorpions and spiders moulded into clear plastic that go with it!

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