Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Joys of Relief Teaching

 (a recording with an image of my shoe cause it's probably not the done thing to record strangers children then post them all over your blog!)
Oh, the joys of relief teaching.  There are many good ones... no reports, no staff meetings, np parent teacher interviews, scampering off as soon as the bell goes, no planning, no preparation...
The flipside.
Taking music for two days.  When I have no musical skill.  And the grade threes have recorder practice.

At least in a crisis, I'm your gal for a kickass Mary Had A Little Lamb rendition!


  1. You did well. So much fun! I love the recorder, all those out of tune, out of time melodies and everyone doing their own thing, funny! My middle boy doesn't even pull it out if his bag to practice, which is probably why I don't dread the assembly performance like all the other parents..

  2. Relief teaching does have its challenges, but at the moment I love all the positives you mentioned. I feel like i have taken up residence at my workplace doing all of those things! It's so funny that the only song I can play on the recorder is Mary Had A Little lamb too! I was traumatised in uni when I had to play Trot Old Joe in front of the whole class. Oh the horrors!


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